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Reducing time and costs while building highly available system
Developing Always On Availability Group checklist with reduced configuration time and costs
11 Sep 2017

One of America’s largest transportation authorities was running the mission-critical system on SQL Server platform and any down times could harmfully impact millions of citizens. So, they contacted DB Best to help them modernize their system. We advised them to implement high availability and disaster recovery solutions to keep their system running without interruptions. To meet the customer’s needs, we performed technical support and delivered detailed instructions and automated scripts to implement the highly available architecture in compliance with Always […]

Architecting highly available and scalable system when migrating to SQL Server
Architecting highly available and scalable system when migrating to SQL Server on AWS
12 Jul 2017

Our customer needed to reduce the licensing costs of their Oracle database. We came up with a comprehensive solution by migrating their database to SQL Server platform. We also remediated all affected application components. As a result, our customer benefited from obtaining higher value SQL Server platform with enhanced scalability and high availability approaches.

Taking advantage of Always On Availability Groups while upgrading your SQL Server
12 Jun 2017

One of the largest US national credit unions needed to upgrade their obsolete SQL Server database to take advantage of the latest Always On Availability Groups offerings. We came up with a database upgrade solution that included re-architecting of the customer’s applications. In the end, our customer started using a truly high availability database system while improving its failover features. Learn more about the technical issues of this upgrade project from the following video.