Blog: SQL Server Performance Tuning: Controlling Parallelism Webcast

Free Webcast

Free Webcast

Join Robert L Davis, Principal Database Architect at DB Best Technologies, for a free webcast through on Thursday, August 13, 2015. Robert will be presenting SQL Server Performance Tuning: Controlling Parallelism.

Webcast description:

Parallelism seems like it should be one of those things that the query engine takes care of for us, but it does require some care and tending from time to time. The default server configurations are no longer adequate for controlling parallelism, and DBAs need to know how to tweak the settings to make it run optimally. When parallelism goes awry, it can cause severe performance problems. Sometimes only for a specific query, sometimes it can hurt performance server-wide. To add a little complexity to the mix, parallelism can also be controlled by query hints and Resource Governor. Understanding how these three options for setting the Max Degree of Parallelism interact and who wins when they conflict is critical in being able to understand how to control it.

This session will cover:

  • Best practices for setting Max Degree of Parallelism and Cost Threshold for Parallelism
  • Why we would want to adjust these numbers up or down
  • How to view the parallelism details of a query plan
  • What CXPacket waits are and what we should do about them
  • How to determine effective degree of parallelism
  • Methods for controlling parallelism

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