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This past Tuesday, the 19th of September, I started broadcasting a series of webinars which cover all the material in my SQL Server Internals classes that I’ve been delivering around the world for almost 20 years. I’ll even be able to add additional information not included in the classes because our time constraints are not quite so strict. As Microsoft added new features to the SQL Server product, I had to remove some still relevant content to make room for the new information, and now, I’ll be able to put that content back in. In addition, you won’t be sitting just listening to me for 5 days straight. We’ll take it a bit at a time, in manageable chunks, and if your brain goes sideways, you’ll be able to rewatch later. You’ll still be able to ask questions, just like in my regular classes.
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I’ve always wanted to teach my Internals material in the type of format; it reminds me of when I was a University instructor, way back when. The shorter format gives us time to focus on one topic, and thoroughly digest it, and then have time to process it and think of more questions, before the next topic is introduced. I’ll even be giving some homework exercises for those of you who want to try out some of the commands or concepts covered.

Five straight days of technical information are too much for anyone’s brain to absorb, but in the business world, where I have to fly to some other destination to deliver the training, that’s what we had to do.

So once a week whenever possible, for as long as it takes, we’ll have a session. Right now, the current topic list looks to be about 50 sessions long! But we’ve decided to really try to limit each webcast to no more than 60 minutes, and it looks like some of them might need to be split into two sessions. And then there are some awesome new SQL Server 2017 features that I’ve already been talking about at my free in-person workshops (note: the next deliveries of the workshop will be in Reading, UK and Tel Aviv). So, I’ll need to add more sessions, and keep myself busy for well over a year!
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I hope to see you at some of the SQL Server Internals webcasts coming up soon!

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