Blog: How We Use SharePoint 2010 for Creating Internal and External Sites

We continue a series of posts about our expertise with Microsoft SharePoint. As you probably know, DB Best created a SharePoint Based Solution for a Photo Restoration Community. Now we’d like to show you a few more projects from our pipeline.

SharePoint Development

SharePoint as a One-Stop Shop for Team Collaboration and Project Management

People keep asking us why we are so excited about SharePoint. Well, here are some reasons when SharePoint can make your life a little bit easier:

  • If a part of your responsibilities includes maintaining a site for your department’s documentation, reports, or even courseware assets, using SharePoint’s versioning tools you can create, edit, and approve documents with minimal fuss.
  • If you’re a part of the team that creates and updates content on a regular basis, SharePoint allows you to add and update content to your site.
  • If you collaborate with co-workers and clients, for any project you can associate people, documents, news and events, media and many other kinds of content. SharePoint is also great because you don’t have to send large files – sharing a link to your SharePoint site is enough.
  • From the development standpoint, SharePoint reduces costs by consolidating intranet, extranet, and Internet sites on a highly customized platform.

Bringing SharePoint, Silverlight, and HTML5 Together

Now let’s see how our web development team uses SharePoint 2010 and other technologies to deliver projects to our clients.

1. Let’s start with an internal company site developed on SharePoint. It offers a team member directory, easy navigation and dynamic workspace: the calendar, event and document management. Plus, we customized an ebook reader application for reading PDF and XPS documents.

Internal company site

Get a much broader picture by bringing people and information together.

2. SharePoint Solution for a Telecommunication Company. The site helps facilitate the project life-cycle management. To meet our client’s requirements, we applied complex business logic to achieve the maximum functionality of the website. As you can see from the video, the site allows employees to stay updated on the latest news within the team and the company. We also created photo galleries and profiles:

SharePoint Solution for a Telecommunication Company

3. SharePoint-based Networking Website – a web-based member directory. We designed a shareable Event Calendar, search and sorting capabilities, as well as customized lists and sub-directories:

SharePoint Networking Website

4. External Company Website – comes with an easy to use navigation and an informative homepage. Everything can be customized to fit the company’s positioning on the market including key offerings, products and services:

External Company Website


Take the Next Step

Using Microsoft SharePoint, Silverlight and HTML 5, DB Best can develop an easy-to-use but at the same time a very professional-looking and selling website that would fit your business needs. Just contact us today.