Blog: Power BI — Be Creative and Tell a Story — Episode 1

Welcome to my Power BI Best Practices video series

Over the past year, I’ve been blessed to share my B.E.S.T. P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E.S. at the Memphis PASS Power BI meetup, the Microsoft Tech Expo in Portland, and the  Power BI World Tour in Seattle. At the Seattle event, I was lucky enough to meet with members of the Power BI product team like Will Thompson @Will_MI77 and Maggie Sparkman @maggiesMSFT.

Since not everyone can get out and attend events like these, I sat down with the DB Best marketing team to create a series of videos that cover each letter in Best Practices for Power BI. So what do I mean by Best Practices?

Be Creative and Tell a Story


Power BI – Be creative and tell a story

We’ve all seen this before. Someone comes up with a chart or dashboard to present to their audience. The first thing that you say in your head is – So what? For those who see data and charts every single day, the truth is that many of them end up blurring into a never-ending series of digits and pie graphs. As a BI consultant, it’s up to you to understand what the consumer of your dashboard needs to understand, how to take advantage of the data to tell the right story and understand what gaps may exist in the data in order to dig deeper.

Enough words. Let’s get to the video!

Let’s continue the discussion

I’d love to hear your feedback and stories on how you go about storytelling with Power BI. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter @thepowerbiqueen. I’ll be watching the #PowerBIQuestions hashtag, so ask away.

DeNisha Malone

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