Blog: Power BI — Align Your Visuals — Episode 7

Welcome to Episode 7 of my Power BI Best Practices Series. In today’s episode, I will show you how to align your visuals to make users happy with the content they see.

Here we go!

Power BI — Align Your Visuals

Misaligned visuals on a messy dashboard may look confusing for the users. As they don’t understand where to look at, the users can’t find the information they need. So, you’d like to create a solid and elegant dashboard.

The latest version of Microsoft Power BI brings a very intelligent and handy interface to align the visuals and make them user-friendly. Be sure to align your visuals to allow for a better view of the data. Just follow the best practices described in the video above and the users will like to look at it and use it.

Previously, we talked about sub-dividing and segmenting visual placement. Aligning visuals is also a part of this activity, so be sure to check out that blog post too.
Power BI — align your visuals


Check out our prior episodes to see where we are going and discover what BEST PRACTICES for Power BI is all about.

Let’s continue the discussion

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your feedback and stories on how you go about storytelling with Power BI. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter @thepowerbiqueen. I’ll be watching the #PowerBIQuestions hashtag, so feel free to ask any questions, and I’ll try to get you some answers.

DeNisha Malone

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