Blog: Portfolio Spotlight: “Tag-a-Bag” iOS Application

Tag-a-Bag can truly be called one of the most useful apps in the market. We used the latest technologies to deliver this next generation solution of bag & luggage tags. By keeping it simple and efficient this app minimizes the hassle of dealing with the airport service, police or some individuals in case your luggage or bag is lost. It literally takes less than a minute to register your bag and just a “touch” to identify it! It’s all controlled through a mobile app which delivers the best lost & found solution wherever you go, while tuning up your bag with quite a few amazing features.

Here is how it works: when someone finds your “tagged” bag, they simply need to scan your tag with a unique QR code to find out who it belongs to. Using the profile information they will be able to contact the owner ,and will even have an option to email him or her right away. Tag-a-Bag app adds the sender’s location info to the message, thus letting the bag owner know where his lost luggage can be found.


Another great feature of the app is that, as an owner, you can assign a “lost” status to any piece of luggage. After this has been done, anyone who scans your bag’s QR code would be able to see that the owners are looking for this bag. In the age of global virtual communities you might be able to find your bag sooner than you know it- just ask your friends to share information about your lost luggage in the social networks. Simple, practical and efficient!

Check out this short video to find out more about “Tag-a-Bag” app:


Tools We Used To Create This Application:

  • Foundation
  • CoreGraphics
  • CoreAudio
  • Social Networks API (Fb, Tw, Triplt)
  • Localization
  • Networking
  • CoreData
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