Blog: Portfolio Spotlight: “Monotouch” – A Document Scanner for Android

Today we’d like to tell you about a great mobile app developed by DB Best Custom Dev Team which allows user not to care about margins alignments while taking photo of a text. The application itself is capable of aligning the document outline with the image frame. This is an extremely handy feature for scanning documents.

An application is recognizing the document margins and determining an optimal angle of image rotation. The next step is cutting the extra margins, scaling, and alignment of the document. Finally we can save the results as a PDF or JPEG file.


To recognize document on a photo we use OpenCV technology, a library created by Intel, which has many algorithms for computer vision and processing video and photo.

Check out this video to find out more details how our developers solved this problem:



Tools We Used To Create This Application:

  • OpenCV
  • Mono Android (Xamarin)
  • Android NDK
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