Blog: Portfolio Spotlight: a Fascinating Ann Siggard’s CookBook App for iOS users

Big shout out to all you food lovers! Introducing the new Ann Siggard’s Cookbook App – with this app you’d be able to execute even the most challenging recipes!

Searching for recipes has never been so easy. Our custom development team created an iOS application which comprises three hundred of different recipes by Ann Siggard.


The app serves as a collection of great recipes which are always handy. It works without a server, in other words there is a local database where all the recipes are being stored. Each recipe is accompanied by a high definition picture which is being adjusted in size according to the screen dimensions of the user’s device. This means that even though the pictures are reduced in size, their quality remains the same thanks to a smart compression algorithm. Therefore you can use those pictures as a reference when creating your most authentic dishes.

Every recipe contains a detailed step-by-step description, list of ingredients and other valuable tricks and notes, which will turn your dish into a real masterpiece!

Another useful feature of the Cook Book is the ability to save recipes to favorites, search within a certain category and share them thru iMessage, email, Twitter or Facebook. The app also contains a Contacts page with a link to the website and email, through which users can interact with the Ann Siggard and can send their reviews directly from the app. It’s also worth mentioning that the app has a beautiful, clean and simple interface, which greatly enhances user experience. This Cook Book app will be perfect for anyone who loves cooking as well as for those who are only starting to discover this wonderful path of culinary miracles!

To develop this app we used Core Data Foundation Framework