Blog: Portfolio Spotlight: Culture Fox iPhone, Android & Blackberry App

You happen to be in Ireland, and would like to explore new events and happenings, or just looking for a fun day out? Culture Fox application developed by our team for one of our customers in Ireland is your best guide and time saver! This great client-server solution provides users with the most up-to-date information about various cultural events taking place right next to you! This mobile app is geo-based, and all the events can be filtered by Location, County or those located next door to where you are at. The app gives you all the details about the event, such as date, place, phone number etc. Moreover it shows you the exact location on the Google Maps, integrated within the app, and allows you to build a route from your current location.

The application is very user-friendly. It’s a great tool for all the tourists or even the locals who are looking for new ways to spend their free time. The mobile app was initially developed for iPhone, but following its popularity has been ported to both Android and Blackberry platforms.


Don’t let the most exciting events to pass you by!

With Culture Fox you will always find great events taking place all over Ireland. See it in action:

Experience the true Irish spirit with this great mobile app!

Tools We Used for Creating the App

  • iOS SDK
  • Android SDK 2.2
  • BlackBerry SDK
  • Google Maps SDK
  • Geo Services