Blog: Portfolio Spotlight: “AsthmaHero” iOS Application

AsthmaHero is a recent iPhone app developed by DB Best Custom Development Team, which helps asthmatic kids to take their medicine on time. The app is very end-user oriented, and is built and designed in a way to engage a child in play, thus turning the frustrating medicine-taking routine into a fun game.

Here is how it works: a child is given an inhaler, which is connected to the iPhone application through a micro chip. After going through a registration process, which involves providing critical information on the little patient’s treatment history, as well as some emergency contacts, thus better be done by parents or under their close supervision, all you need to do is sync the inhaler with the phone and start using the app!
AsthmaHero is the app that harmonizes and takes advantage of the existing technologies through a game interface, enabling the patient-personalized “Hero” to stimulate proper medicine intake through play and friendly reminders, thus minimizing a certain discomfort experienced by a child. The application provides real-time, accurate and patient-specific reporting to the physicians and parents of children that have asthma.  When a kid makes a puff, the app records it and updates the data in the app database. AsthmaHero is a unique app that facilitates communication with asthmatic children, and helps to provide them with necessary help when needed. For instance, a child can plan his next visit to a doctor. The app will send an sms-notification to the kid and his parents in a timely manner. In case of the asthma attack – the kid can immediately send an emergency alert to his parents, doctor or any other registered contact.

AsthmaHero is a multi-device integrated product connecting physicians and patients via smartphones, which are in turn wirelessly connected to a medical device. Our team has been working hard to create this very useful and reliable application for our client. We are extremely happy to be a part of this project and looking forward to new projects that would secure and make this world a bit brighter place for all of the little users.

Tools We Used To Create This Application:

  • iPhone – Objective C, Xcode
  • iPhone/inhaler sync – BLE 4.0

Server side and BackEnd:

  • MVC ASP.NET, Bootstrap
  • Database – MSSQL

Be sure to check the Android app on our portfolio.

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