Managed Instance file growth
Beware — Azure SQL Server Database Managed Instance default file growth of 16 MB
02 May 2019

During bulk data loads with an Azure SQL Database Managed Instance, we noticed a significant performance hit as we imported data into staging tables. It turns out a Managed Instance default file growth for data and files is 16 MB! Change your Managed Instance default file growth size now! With the database file growth set so low, SQL Server grinds to a snail’s pace when importing large amounts of data. In our case, I changed the file growth to something […]

Database Compare Suite supports Amazon DynamoDB
Database Compare Suite update 4.14 brings Amazon DynamoDB support
02 May 2019

DB Best announces the release of a new version of an ultimate DBA tool Database Compare Suite. The latest version supports Amazon DynamoDB. This is the second NoSQL database platform supported by DB Best Database Compare Suite to complement the recent addition of support of Apache Cassandra as a source and target. In addition to this, Database Compare Suite update 4.14 brings the ability to use SSL to connect to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. Continue reading to learn more […]

Power BI — Table for Key Measures — Episode 4
26 Apr 2019

Welcome to Episode 4 of my Power BI Best Practices Series. In today’s episode, I will show you how to set up a key measures Power BI table, and why it’s beneficial to do so. Last episode, we covered sub-dividing and segmenting visuals. As a reminder, here is the overall curriculum for this video blog series: Power BI – Table for Key Measures The larger the dataset, the more difficult it can be to be organized, especially when sharing dashboards […]

Developing a secure healthcare data platform
25 Apr 2019

One of our US healthcare clients approached us to create a reliable and secure data platform for their application. After examining their data infrastructure and goals, DB Best came up with a cloud-based solution to build questionnaires based application, to meet the customer’s needs. An application guiding your lifestyle Our customer envisioned an application to help people suffering from chronic diseases live full, unobstructed lives. For sufferers of these life-long illnesses, keeping track of their symptoms and bodily health, as well as following […]

modernization from oracle to sql server
Advanced Engineering Application Modernization from Oracle to SQL Server

As moats create obstacles in the way of an invader, so do proprietary database features for developers. One of Oracle’s proprietary features is the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) which provides efficient communication between application code and the database. There are other ways to connect to Oracle, but once you have committed to OCI, you are “protected” from switching to another database. In this blog post, we break down an application modernization from Oracle to SQL Server for an advanced engineering-oriented […]

revenue streams DBBEST
New revenue streams for Retail and Services industries in 2020
16 Apr 2019

It seems that the world is slipping further and further into our pockets. We are doing more on our phones than ever before, and the power of the small, black tablets is growing stronger every year. The latest iPhone, only 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide, rivals the flagship desktop computers of only a few short years ago while adding GPS capabilities and Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Machine Learning (ML). With billions of smartphones in use […]

convert Oracle synonyms to PostgreSQL
How to convert Oracle synonyms to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
15 Apr 2019

One of our ISV customers wanted to get off their expensive Oracle licenses and develop a cloud-based SaaS solution. They looked to us to help their development team migrate their database applications to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL . The DB Best migration team utilized AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) to automate the conversion of customer’s database and application code. However, the original system utilized a lot of specific Oracle features, for example, synonyms. SCT does not convert all types of Oracle synonyms […]

Power BI - Eliminate Unnecessary Columns
Power BI — Eliminate Unnecessary Columns — Episode 2
12 Apr 2019

Welcome to Episode 2 of my Power BI Best Practices Series. In this episode, I will show you the importance of eliminating unwanted columns from cluttering your Power BI Desktop Report. Be sure to check out prior episodes and see where I’m going with BEST PRACTICES below.   Power BI — Eliminate Unnecessary Columns One of the major selling points of Power BI is the ability to transform massive quantities of data into easily-digestible visual information. However, showing data that isn’t essential for the […]

iot-solutions-for office-cover
Using smart IoT systems to keep your office manager from going insane
11 Apr 2019

Technologies drive our lives. Smart IoT solutions have found a place in our homes in the form of connected locks, cameras, and alarms. But have you ever thought about using IoT technologies to change office life for the better? For you, we’re going to deep dive into all the tech connecting workplaces. The perks of running your office from a tablet For most of us, offices are living places and naturally, we want to feel at home. When we don’t […]