Case Study: We Can Build Games with Unity 3D Engine
12 Sep 2012

Are you a King’s Bounty fan who follows King Maximus since 1991 (yeah, times flies)? Then we have some good news for you. Our mobile development team started experimenting with Unity 3D – a neat tool for video game development, architectural visualizations, and interactive media installations. As you guessed, the platform was used for creating King’s Bounty. King’s Bounty: Legions is the world’s first 3D social strategy game. Unity’s development environment runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, and the […]

Case Study: CountDown — an iOS App for Event Planning
27 Aug 2012

  Developed by our mobile development team for IAM Web Services LLC, the CountDown event app allows you to count down or count up until important dates. This can be birthdays, adventures, weddings, holidays, concerts, parties, new movies coming out and other events you’re excited about. Then we integrated the CountDown iOS app for event planning with the iAd Network. This provides our customers with an automated and intuitive environment to easily incorporate iAd rich media ads into the app. Also, this solution helps monitor […]

oracle sequences
How to Emulate Oracle Sequences in SQL Server
14 Aug 2012

When migrating Oracle tables to SQL Server, the most common problem you will face is sequence conversion. SQL Server 2008 does not have any object even distantly resembling an Oracle sequence, and some trade-offs are inevitable when you make decisions about the mechanisms to implement its behavior in the target system. In SQL Server 2012 Microsoft introduced sequences, but several incompatibilities with Oracle implementation still exist. First, let us discuss what you can do if the target system is SQL […]

Create Autonomous Transactions in SQL Server banner
How to Create Autonomous Transactions in SQL Server
13 Aug 2012

You probably heard about autonomous transactions in Oracle. In a few words, using just one pragma directive in a PL/SQL block you can isolate it from the callers’ context, so it becomes independent transaction. It’s quite useful if you want organize data audit and is pretty widely used in production databases. As you might guess these autonomous transactions do not have direct equivalent in Microsoft SQL Server. The only way to isolate a Transact-SQL block from a transaction context is […]

Case Study: Custom Developed iOS Graphics Library
28 Jul 2012

Beauty salons and plastic surgery clinics are now entering into the mobile app scene. And we take tremendous satisfaction in watching a client’s business grow and in knowing that we’re a part of their success. In this video case-study, we’d like to show you an app that allows image editing almost on the fly. The graphics library we developed is a core part of the app – it uses mesh-warping algorithm (Bezier curve for warping the images and various effects) […]

Case Study: Augmented Reality Development for iOS
26 Jul 2012

If you’re familiar with Google’s ‘Project Glass’, The Layar app and Sherlock (TV series), you already know what Augmented Reality is and how cool it looks, especially on mobile devices. Being a part of a parent concept called Mediated Reality, Augmented Reality is a view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by a computer-generated sensory input – graphics, video sound, or GPS data.” In this video, we’d like to showcase three core technologies we used while developing […]

Column-Oriented Database banner
Column-Oriented Database Technologies
24 Jul 2012

Column-Oriented Database Technologies (click to download) My recent blog (Big Data & NoSQL Technologies) discussed various NoSQL technologies and market vendors. And today let’s dive into column-oriented databases and why they should play an important role in any data warehouse whose focus is on aggregations or metrics (and whose isn’t?). So you are all probably familiar with row-oriented databases. Tables of data where rows of fields (also called columns) represent the structural storage and the corresponding SQL queries that select, […]

We Are The V-TSP Champions
23 Jul 2012

Each year the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference – the company’s premier annual event for industry peers and partners – offers technology partners the opportunity to vie for awards in three different categories (Sales, Technology, and V-TSP achievements). For the 3rd year in a row (we hear the sound of applause), Microsoft recognized our efforts in helping customers modernize their applications and infrastructure. Now in Toronto, Canada (July 8-12), DB Best Technologies ( received the Microsoft Platform Modernization Award for V-TSP Achievement, with special recognition for: Database migration focus Field […]

Featured Project: An Awesome Coloring App for iPad
16 Jul 2012

Kids love coloring. They love being able to create something to remember. And they can learn new skills and develop creativity while coloring on the iPad. On the other hand, parents are happy when their children are spending time with educational tools – sometimes coloring keeps kids entertained for hours. Definitely a win-win situation. There’s no shortage in coloring apps on the market, but we believe we’ve created a very efficient and beautiful one that children will love and find […]

Case Study: A Video Streaming App for Android
13 Jul 2012

Our client wanted to create a visually engaging app that streams completely safe, parent-friendly cartoons (clips, full episodes, trailers, and features). It’s like creating a mobile entertainment channel for 3- to 8-year-old children that fits right into the palm of their hand. The Process The server side and the API for this application were provided by the customer. Our Mobile Development crew ported the app from iOS to Android. The app is optimized for tablet PCs and smartphones. To support […]