Schema mapping in Oracle to SQL Server migrations
18 Jun 2019

When migrating Oracle databases to Microsoft SQL Server, the first problem you will face is mapping Oracle schema to SQL Server. You can hardly underestimate the importance of this architecture-level question because the wrong approach will lead to significant efforts in rewriting the code.
Discover the DB Best approach to schema mapping for Oracle to SQL Server migrations.

Power BI Cut Unnecessary Visuals
Power BI — Cut Unnecessary Visuals — Episode 11
14 Jun 2019

Welcome to Episode 11 of my Power BI Best Practices Series. In today’s episode, I will show you how and why you should cut unnecessary visuals in your dashboard to allow for better user experience.
Clean reports have a better look and feel. Moreover, they make it easier for the user to understand the information and navigate through the dashboard.
Read the blog post to learn how you can determine, which of the visuals you should remove.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Why MVP is a viable way to start your business?
13 Jun 2019

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a development strategy in which a new product is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early users. The final, complete set of features is only designed and developed after considering feedback from the product’s initial users.
For better understanding, we have a great example for you to compare the outcomes of different strategies.

OCI interface to SQL Server
General approach to migrating Oracle applications with OCI interface to Microsoft SQL Server
12 Jun 2019

When migrating a customer’s Oracle databases to Microsoft SQL Server I often face the problem of updating relevant applications. A broad range of our customers use the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) to develop their database applications.
This interface is specific to Oracle and you can’t use it to connect to any other database platform. Read the blog post to discover the right path to effectively remediate Oracle’s С or C++ applications to the Microsoft SQL Server.

The DB Best Business Analysis
The flow and value of business analysis at DB Best
11 Jun 2019

The application development process is a multi-layered activity with the core idea as the starting point and a well-functioning final product as the top layer. IT Business Analysis is all about the elicitation of business and software requirements. The main goal at this stage is to put flesh on the bones for a client’s idea and to provide proof of concept for its realization.
In this post, we will focus on the twists and turns involved in bringing the idea through to the final product.

trace flag 1254 fixes SQL Server Error Message 3628
How Trace Flag 1254 Fixes SQL Server Error Message 3628 with Queries Using In-Memory Tables
09 Jun 2019

I recently ran into this issue with SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.5 where I was getting the error – Msg 3628, Level 16, State 1, Line 4 The Database Engine received a floating point exception from the operating system while processing a user request. Try the transaction again. If the problem persists, contact your system administrator. It turned out that this would happen whenever I ran a query that joined In-Memory tables with disk based tables and the result ended up with no rows returned. Here is how trace flag 1254 fixes SQL Server Msg 3628 floating point exceptions.

Report Support Tab
Power BI — Include a Report Support Tab — Episode 10
07 Jun 2019

Welcome to Episode 10 of my Power BI Best Practices Series. In today’s episode, I will show you how to include a report support tab in your Power BI report. This tab helps your users see where the data comes from. Also, here you can include your contact information, so the users of your report will know how to reach you if they have questions.
A report support tab is not mandatory. However, this is one of the developers’ best practices and the way to show some respect to the other users working with your report.

lost and found platform
Developing a worldwide lost and found platform
06 Jun 2019

PerdidoOnline, a Puerto Rico based startup came up with an idea to help the unfortunate among us who lose our belongings wherever we go. Our client wanted to develop a locator and tracking solution t that will substitute the lost and found offices all over the world and save the users from worrying about losing their property. Read more to learn how DB Best turned this idea into reality.

mapping Oracle data types
Use Caution When Mapping Oracle Data Types for Procedures and Function Parameters in SSMA
05 Jun 2019

When converting Oracle database code to Microsoft SQL Server, I often face the problem of correctly mapping Oracle data types to SQL Server data types. I regularly use SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) to automate Oracle database code conversion to SQL Server. However, SSMA’s default data type mapping for Oracle procedure and function parameters uses the maximum possible size for each specific data type to prevent data loss. This approach causes unintended consequences with application code.

Power BI Themes
Power BI — Themes Are Your Best Friend — Episode 9
31 May 2019

Welcome to Episode 9 of my Power BI Best Practices Series. In today’s episode, I will show you how you can create themes in your Power BI report and allow for more branding experience.
Power BI themes allow for brighter visualizations, as well as customizing and standardizing your reports. You can select one of the predefined themes, import an existing theme, pick up a theme from the gallery or even create a new theme.