DB Best at S4 Microsoft Solution Specialist Sales Summit
10 Feb 2015

Last week was marked by one of the most fascinating and educational semi-annual tech events – Microsoft S4 summit, which took place in Bellevue, WA last week. It was an invitation only event that had a high concentration of like-minded companies, Microsoft specialist sales and sales management community in particular. DB Best was proud to be a co-sponsor of the event. We were happy to support Microsoft in increasing solution and value selling skills through this unique collaborative and experiential […]

Portfolio Spotlight: a Fascinating Ann Siggard’s CookBook App for iOS users
10 Feb 2015

Big shout out to all you food lovers! Introducing the new Ann Siggard’s Cookbook App – with this app you’d be able to execute even the most challenging recipes! Searching for recipes has never been so easy. Our custom development team created an iOS application which comprises three hundred of different recipes by Ann Siggard. The app serves as a collection of great recipes which are always handy. It works without a server, in other words there is a local […]

SQL Server, SQL Azure, Windows Server: ISV Upgrade Workshops Delivered by DB Best for Microsoft
27 Jan 2015

We are excited to announce that DB Best/Microsoft partnership brings on a new series of workshops on SQL Server, SQL Azure and Windows Server upgrades for companies specializing in making and/or selling software. These workshops are a part of the ISV Upgrade program initiated by Microsoft Corporation to educate software companies about the new and improved capabilities of Microsoft Data Platform, and help them upgrade their applications to support Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft SQL Server 2014, and Microsoft SQL […]

News from our R&D Lab: Sony SmartWatch App & SDK
27 Jan 2015

As the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) has demonstrated, 2015 will be a year of wearables. The amount of manufacturers who are entering this market is enormous and keeps growing. The public awareness and consumer demand for smartwatches and other wearable gadgets is booming, and as Shawn DuBravac, a chief economist with the U.S. Consumer Electronics Association, has stated:  10.5 million smartwatches would be shipped this year in the U.S. only. Smart devices is THE trend today in a […]

Portfolio Spotlight: Epic Ball Wars. Try to defeat the enemy!
27 Jan 2015

DB Best is happy to share some awesome news for all mobile gamers and those who would like to bring some fun and excitement to their lives! Get ready to aim and fire as our Custom Dev Team has recently created the Epic Ball Wars – a super captivating and challenging cross-platform shooter-game!

Future of Database Management: How can a DBA Stay Relevant?
14 Jan 2015

Changing Nature of Database Management A few months ago I was presenting to a large audience on the topic of running SQL Server in the cloud in IaaS and PaaS. I was touting the auto install, auto management, and the auto patching capabilities. Also, I mentioned the capability of Azure IaaS to auto provision an AlwaysOn cluster. Then I demoed the simple step of picking a ‘template’ and auto installing SQL Server. A gentleman sitting in the audience raised his […]

DB Best: 2014 Year in Review
05 Jan 2015

After a short holiday break DB Best is already running at full speed into 2015 with dozens of active and upcoming projects, hundreds of new and exciting opportunities, and stronger than ever team! Before we sweep you off your feet with all the exciting updates and news, let’s take a deep breath and recap on yet another busy and productive year with our Special Annual Achievements Infographic. Big shout out to all our partners, clients and our growing crew, who […]

No More Forgotten Children! DB Best Helps a Great Cause
12 Dec 2014

Christmas is a time of joy, miracles and giving. Everyone, and especially kids, are looking forward to it, decorating their homes, writing letters to Santa, and secretly hoping they will get exactly what they wished for. For many kids however the Holiday season becomes the saddest time of the year as their families are going through rough times. The Forgotten Children Fund (FCF) was founded by a group of kind-hearted and dedicated people in order to fix this terrible injustice. […]

Correlation, Causation and Big Data
02 Dec 2014

Decision making based on BI and Analytics is a well-established industry practice. There are numerous BI implementations around the world that are used on a regular basis to run operational reports, KPI based dashboards and analytics. Lot of decisions are made based on those BI systems. However, have you ever paused and wondered, if the decision is based on ‘correlation’ or ‘causation’. Let me explain. Two events could be correlated, but that does not necessarily mean causation. In other words, […]

DB Best at SQL PASS Summit 2014
11 Nov 2014

The first week of November 2014 was very special for the SQL Server and BI community. During November 4-7th the annual PASS Summit was held in Seattle, WA. That was a record-breaking event with 3,941 delegates and 1,959 pre-conference registrations across 56 countries for a total of 5,900 registrations. DB Best grasped the chance to demonstrate once more how we remain leading experts in SQL Server and Data Management.     During the PASS Summit 2014 DB Best’s team had […]