Correlation, Causation and Big Data
02 Dec 2014

Decision making based on BI and Analytics is a well-established industry practice. There are numerous BI implementations around the world that are used on a regular basis to run operational reports, KPI based dashboards and analytics. Lot of decisions are made based on those BI systems. However, have you ever paused and wondered, if the decision is based on ‘correlation’ or ‘causation’. Let me explain. Two events could be correlated, but that does not necessarily mean causation. In other words, […]

DB Best at SQL PASS Summit 2014
11 Nov 2014

The first week of November 2014 was very special for the SQL Server and BI community. During November 4-7th the annual PASS Summit was held in Seattle, WA. That was a record-breaking event with 3,941 delegates and 1,959 pre-conference registrations across 56 countries for a total of 5,900 registrations. DB Best grasped the chance to demonstrate once more how we remain leading experts in SQL Server and Data Management.     During the PASS Summit 2014 DB Best’s team had […]

Portfolio Spotlight: “Monotouch” – A Document Scanner for Android
08 Aug 2014

Today we’d like to tell you about a great mobile app developed by DB Best Custom Dev Team which allows user not to care about margins alignments while taking photo of a text. The application itself is capable of aligning the document outline with the image frame. This is an extremely handy feature for scanning documents. An application is recognizing the document margins and determining an optimal angle of image rotation. The next step is cutting the extra margins, scaling, and alignment […]

Portfolio Spotlight: Modernization of the Website
08 Aug 2014

Forget travel and scheduling complexities! Online focus groups cut out the hassle and deliver results. More companies than ever are turning to online focus groups to stay up-to-date with their customer’s mindset. ThoughtNav provides a comprehensive tool for creating and managing the entire process. DB Best expanded users features and made it easy for admins to work with the forum.

DB Best at WPC 2014
15 Jul 2014

We are happy to announce that The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is on now! WPC is an annual, global convergence of Microsoft’s top partners. It’s where companies come together to network, drive business growth and identify new profitability opportunities. This year WPC will continue to focus on key trends that represent the most profitable models for partners. There are 5 major focus areas – Cloud, Big Data, Mobility & Devices, Enterprise Social, and Leadership, Sales & Marketing. DB Best is also presented […]

Portfolio Spotlight: “PicomoPay” Social & Mobile Payments Application
10 Jul 2014

Today we want to tell you about one more cool app that we developed – PicomoPay. It is a great social and mobile payments application which enables you to send money to your friends and family on Facebook. The application allows you to transfer money to your FB friends to 200 countries around the world. To use the application is very simple. A consumer sets up a wallet, then after that they follow four easy steps to send money to […]

Mobile video processing
Mobile Video Processing on the Fly
30 May 2014

Implementation of a mobile app interaction with a handheld device camera, e.g. video recording, is quite a trivial task if we are talking about using the standard recording parameters. In this case a few lines of code will do the trick: the app will connect to the built-in camera, which will make a recording and send the link to the recording back to the app. This initial simplicity however turns into a major problem when implementing algorithms designed to make […]

From our R&D Lab: Photo Collage iOS App
26 May 2014

We continue with our new video series “News from our R&D Lab”. In these videos we want to showcase some of the new technologies and interesting projects our engineering team is currently working on. We are happy to share some knowledge that can be useful to other developers around the world, and would be happy to hear some feedback from you guys! Hopefully, our current and future customers will appreciate it as well. Today we are going to talk about one simple […]

Portfolio Spotlight: “AsthmaHero” iOS Application
16 May 2014

AsthmaHero is a recent iPhone app developed by DB Best Custom Development Team, which helps asthmatic kids to take their medicine on time. The app is very end-user oriented, and is built and designed in a way to engage a child in play, thus turning the frustrating medicine-taking routine into a fun game. Here is how it works: a child is given an inhaler, which is connected to the iPhone application through a micro chip. After going through a registration […]

Android Smartphone Management Through Galaxy Gear
02 May 2014

Smart watch has become a part of our daily life just a short while ago, when they captured a niche of smartphones accessories and wearable technology. Not only they function as a regular watch, they can manage and send remote commands to your smartphone! With this article we’re starting a new discussion and series of blog posts on software development and interaction between gadgets and Android-based smartphones. Wearable Technology Concept Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch represents a new and expanding class […]