Data transfer between iOS and Android devices using Wi-Fi
07 Feb 2014

Transferring photo and video files between mobile devices is one of the most common everyday tasks performed by smart phone users. In one of our recent projects we had a task to define and implement the most efficient way for data transfer between the two most popular platforms: iOS and Android.   The biggest challenge we faced when working on the project was that the file transfer speed was very slow (~0.16 Mbit/s) when using Bluetooth, which had to do […]

DB Best: 2013 Year in Review
10 Jan 2014

Before we dive into 2014 with it’s new goals, challenges and opportunities, we would like to take a second to recap some of our top achievements in 2013. Big thanks to all our clients, partners and DB Best team who made it all happen! 🙂     Please, follow the link below to view the special summary infographics we’ve put together DB BEST 2013 Year In Review  

From our R&D Lab: NFC for Mobile Apps
18 Dec 2013

Today we are going to start our new video series “News from our R&D Lab”. In these videos we want to show case some of the new technologies and interesting projects our engineering team is working on. We are happy to share some knowledge that can be useful to other developers around the world. Hopefully, our current and future customers will appreciate it as well. Today our Technical Lead is going to introduce Near Field Communication (NFC) – is a set […]

Wordpress website
Portfolio Spotlight: WordPress Website for the Best Cupcake Shop in the Bay Area
10 Dec 2013

What can possibly be better than freshly baked cupcakes? Only cupcakes baked according to the unique home recipes, with an amazing selection of flavors, made with love! This is exactly what “That Takes The Cake” is all about. In a recently launched That Takes the Cake website we tried to reflect this warm, homey atmosphere, and personal touch given to every single customer at this great bakery shop. A great user experience, including easy navigation, simplistic design, and functionality were […]

Portfolio Spotlight: Mobile Application "Arad"
05 Dec 2013

The new, innovative and user friendly application is the first smartphone app in the world, which allows consumers to track their water consumption wherever they are. It offers detailed consumption graphs, real-time leak alerts and consumption forecasts. This application was developed by our Custom Development team for our client Arad Technologies, one of the world leaders in Water Metering.

Building P2P networks with the help of Bluetooth on iOS and Android devices
15 Nov 2013

In this article we will talk about the challenges and solutions around building a peer-to-peer network for iOS and Android mobile devices using Bluetooth. This experience is based on one of the recent projects of our mobile team. Main idea A peer-to-peer or P2P network is not a new concept. It has been beautifully implemented in some of the very famous products like Napster, Kazaa, Skype to name a few… In this article we will present some technical aspects and […]

Deployment and Hosting of ASP.NET Web Server Application – Selecting a Hosting Provider
05 Nov 2013

Our clients often turn to us with a pretty typical set of questions regarding deployment and hosting of the web applications that our team developed for them. Those questions cover a different range of topics: pricing, reliability, scalability, expected traffic growth, load balancing and etc. We broke those questions into a set of blog posts that we’d like to present to you.   What hosting company do you recommend for our project? There are so many great choices out there […]

Server Back-End for Mobile Apps: How to Develop and Deploy to SQL Azure
11 Oct 2013

“There is no such thing as a SQL Server team anymore. There is, in fact, no code base called SQL Server. There’s only one code base, which is the Azure database code base.” Satya Nadella, President of the Microsoft Server and Tools Division In this article we continue sharing DB Best team experience in cloud technologies, and will focus specifically on the application back-end development and deployment to Microsoft Azure using a case study of an E-Commerce project developed by […]

Migration from MS SQL Server to MS SQL Azure: Challenges and Solutions
29 Aug 2013

At first database migration from SQL Server to SQL Azure may seem like a pretty easy thing to do. In fact when it comes to a small project of around 20 tables and about a dozen of stored procedures, this really is the case. However if you get a project of hundreds of tables, stored procedures, functions and triggers, if cross-database access is being used, and there is dynamic objects creation, then you will have to face a number of […]

Portfolio Spotlight: Culture Fox iPhone, Android & Blackberry App
27 Aug 2013

You happen to be in Ireland, and would like to explore new events and happenings, or just looking for a fun day out? Culture Fox application developed by our team for one of our customers in Ireland is your best guide and time saver! This great client-server solution provides users with the most up-to-date information about various cultural events taking place right next to you! This mobile app is geo-based, and all the events can be filtered by Location, County […]