DB Best’s ongoing SQL webinar series, hosted by Bill Ramos: Calendar of events
01 Dec 2015

Bill Ramos is excited to get behind those PowerPoint slides to deliver more webinars on SQL Server after the success of his seminar on SQL Server 2005 End of Service last month. Starting on December 8, 2015, Bill will continue to meet with the masses about various SQL Server topics, including more seminars on SQL Server 2005 End of Service. For the full gamut of upcoming webinars, see the schedule below.   Check out our archive of previous webinars! Recent […]

Dynamic Data Masking in SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL DB
18 Sep 2015

With security being one of the highest concerns when it comes to your data assets, new features and improvements in this area are always a hot topic! In his new article for TechTarget Rick Heiges, DB Best Principal Solutions Architect, talks about Dynamic data masking, one of many new security features coming in SQL Server 2016. Dynamic Data Masking essentially displays characters instead of real data to non-privileged users.The data is not being stored as masked values. It is also […]

Welcome to DB Best: Bill Ramos
24 Aug 2015

We would like to welcome Bill Ramos as our new Director of Technical Product Management at DB Best Technologies. Here is Bill’s background in his words: “I started in the database business back in 1987 with Ashton-Tate working on the dBASE IV release. At that time, I got my first exposure to the Microsoft, Ashton-Tate, Sybase SQL Server running on OS/2 where I wrote compatibility and performance test suites for the platform. Check out this old press release from 1988 […]

DB Best at S4 and TechReady
03 Aug 2015

DB Best has successfully sponsored Microsoft Solution Specialist Sales Summit (S4), which took place last week July 27-30, in Hyatt Regency Bellevue Hotel, in Bellevue, Washington. DB Best booth had a great turnout. Many of Microsoft Sales Executives were excited to hear about DB Best offerings in Data Management, Modernization, Azure and IoT, and we’re hoping for many new interesting projects and engagement coming our way in FY2016. On the closing day of the summit our CEO, Dmitry Balin has […]

SQL Server Performance Tuning: Controlling Parallelism Webcast
03 Aug 2015

Join Robert L Davis, Principal Database Architect at DB Best Technologies, for a free webcast through MSSQLTips.com on Thursday, August 13, 2015. Robert will be presenting SQL Server Performance Tuning: Controlling Parallelism. Webcast description: Parallelism seems like it should be one of those things that the query engine takes care of for us, but it does require some care and tending from time to time. The default server configurations are no longer adequate for controlling parallelism, and DBAs need to […]

A Look at StretchDB – a New Feature in SQL Server 2016
16 Jul 2015

Being one of the recognized providers of the data management services in the market, DB Best supports its customers in various infrastructure modernization projects of different size and complexity. One of the major workloads in this area is dedicated to upgrades. We are all very excited about SQL Server 2016 release and are looking forward to many Upgrade to SQL Server 2016 engagements in the near future. In his new article for TechTarget, Rick Heiges, DB Best Principal Solutions Architect, […]

Thank you for joining us at #SQLSAT393 in Redmond
24 May 2015

Thank you for joining the DB Best Team at SQL Saturday! Over 200 people stopped by our booth and participated in our Windows Phone raffle, the lucky winner was Theresa Iserman. Thank you for the great attendance of our sessions! If you missed Robert’s presentation please feel free to download the slides here. Dandy’s presentation on Power BI can be found here.     Register for our upcoming SQL Server Upgrade and Migration Seminar. We would also like to invite […]

Introducing Row-Level Security in Azure SQL Databases
22 May 2015

Any organization wants to maintain control as much as possible over the data it possesses. Here at DB Best, Migrations from another Data Platform to SQL Server or Azure is part of the regular business that we do. Oracle and DB2 offer their take on RLS and now SQL Server has another feature that makes it easier for the transition. Row Level Security is currently in “Preview” on Azure SQL Databases and is scheduled to be part of the new […]

SQLSaturday NYC
Rick is Heading to SQL Sat NYC!
21 May 2015

I will be speaking at SQL Sat 380 in NYC on the topic of Basic Performance Monitoring with Perfmon.  I have delivered this session many times and is usually well attended.  The session is geared for the person who has heard of Perfmon but not used it.  This is very much a 100 level offering. The last time that I was in NYC for a large SQL Server event was just about 10 years ago.  It was the “Get Ready […]

Making Sense of Replication Errors in Replication Monitor
12 May 2015

This post is participating in T-SQL Tuesday #66 which focuses on monitoring for the month of May. This month’s gracious host is Catherine Wilhelmsen (blog|@cathrinew). For our part in this blog event, I am going to focus on how to interpret and understand the errors from SQL Server’s built-in monitoring tools Replication Monitor. If you’ve ever had to deal with errors in Replication Monitor, your first experiences with it probably involved confusion. Sometimes the error messages are too generic and […]