Microsoft has released SQL Server Migration Assistant 6.0.1
04 Mar 2016

Microsoft has release an update to SSMA for Oracle, DB2, Sybase ASE, MySQL, and Access. SSMA simplifies the database migration process by automating all aspects of migration, including migration assessment analysis, schema, and SQL statement conversion, as well as migration testing to reduce cost and risk of your database migration project. This new version of SSMA provides the following enhancements: New command in the menu to view the SSMA log file. This provides an easy way to get to the […]

New videos on SQL Server 2016 are now available for viewing
22 Feb 2016

Our own Bill Ramos has completed a series of webinars on SQL Server 2016. They are now available for viewing on our Videos page. Topics include: What’s new with SQL Server 2016. This is a complete overview of all the new features in SQL Server 2016. Using SQL Server 2016 to accelerate your SQL Server 2005 workloads. This looks at the SQL Server 2016 feature set that would be useful for DBAs looking to upgrade from SQL Server 2005. What’s […]

BaaS Platforms. Is it needed for your mobile app?
29 Jan 2016

What is mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS)? Mobile backend as a service (usually called mBaaS or simply BaaS) is the next-generation approach of building both mobile and web applications. It allows an easy and cost-efficient way to develop a fully working backend of an application. Basically, BaaS is an approach that provides web and mobile app developers with a way to hook up their apps to a backend, located in a cloud storage, while also providing regular necessary set […]

DB Best: 2015 Year in Review
28 Jan 2016

2015 was a fruitful and busy year for DB Best! We had some big releases, plenty of thrilling opportunities, and a fantastic team! While 2016 is already going full blast, we took a moment to collect some data and observe what changed within our company over past year.

Building Applications for Apple Watch
21 Jan 2016

Apple Watch, a wearable gadget, is a tool designed to make digital user experience more seamless. For customers, it provides a new level of comfort and device interaction, while for developers it is a way to make their app stand out by integrating the smartwatch. In this article we will review some of the main points everyone should know before expanding to the Apple Watch realm. The nativity of watchOS 2 watchOS 2, the newest version of the Apple Watch […]

App Permissions Explained
App Permissions Explained — What are they, how do they work, and should you really care?
17 Jan 2016

Let’s begin with answering one of the title’s initial questions: “Should I care about application permissions?” Our answer is YES, and below we will answer why. To help you get a clearer picture, let’s answer some lingering questions, starting with: What actually are “permissions”?

Mobile Game Development with Unity
15 Jan 2016

Native game engines vs. cross-platforms Game development evolves each year by giant leaps, and as time goes by, the decision of which technology to use becomes increasingly difficult because of the growing number of different frameworks and engines available. Finding the right game engine can be the key to successfully building, deploying, and providing further support to a game that becomes both popular and lucrative. Assuming the developer has already decided not to develop their own in-house engine, they first […]

WebRTC Mobile
13 Jan 2016

WebRTC is an open-source project that enables plugin-free communication between devices. Much of excitement for WebRTC comes from it making direct communication between browsers a reality. However, there’s more to it than just convenient browser conversation. Today, we will delve into the mobile side of WebRTC. Contrary to popular belief, WebRTC is a peer-to-peer, not browser-to-browser, technology: the browser realm is not the only thing is could be great at. Thanks to its portability and compatibility, it could be embedded […]

Essential differences for health-based apps: HealthKit and Google Fit
13 Jan 2016

Are you considering having an app tracker built for fitness and health purposes in both iOS and Android? Today we will look at how these ideas can be implemented using two available frameworks. With the rise of health awareness, application developers are constantly finding new and innovative ways to satisfy the growing demand for health standards. An active role in promoting such movements is played by two giants, Apple and Google, who developed their frameworks known as HealthKit and Google […]

Augmented reality in applications
13 Jan 2016

Are you interested in implementing augmented reality in your app and weighing the pros and cons? Today, we will look at how beneficial it could be to add this technology to your existing or future apps and if it’s worth it. Augmented reality (AR) blurs the line between virtual and real environments—it is a technology designed to enrich the user’s perception of the real world with virtual and digital information. Current and future prospects of AR To comprehend how relevant […]