Now is the time to consider augmented reality applications
16 Jan 2017

Mobile applications industry delivers good news: augmented reality (AR), voice control, virtual reality (VR) and other amazing technologies become more and more popular. More importantly, modern smartphones have enough power to process the graphics for AR and VR. You can simply insert your smartphone into an affordable VR headset in order to dive into virtual reality. So, the most part of smartphone users now can access this variety of modern breathtaking technologies. Moreover, these technologies are not expensive and they do not require extra […]

Portfolio spotlight: Using iBeacons in the mobile application for exhibitions
04 Jan 2017

Visiting an exhibition, you may want to use a specific mobile application developed for the particular event. Especially if we’re talking about an airplane show, which tend to cover large areas. During the show, you would definitely like to know exactly where you are, what’s around you, and where else to go. Using map services to implement the previously mentioned features is a fairly simple and common task. But how do we get information about the various exhibits? Well, here […]

First look at AWS Schema Conversion Tool with tighter DMS integration
03 Jan 2017

On December 20 2016, Amazon released version 1.0.502 of AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT). SCT now provides the integration with Data Migration Service (DMS)  and allows you to create AWS DMS endpoints and tasks. In addition SCT allows you to run and monitor the DMS tasks from SCT. AWS Database Migration Service helps you migrate databases to AWS easily and securely. The AWS Database Migration Service can migrate your data to and from most widely used commercial and open-source databases. […]

Power BI Reports
Embedding Power BI Reports in a WordPress blog
26 Dec 2016

Back in March of 2015, DB Best published a blog post on how to embed Power BI Power View interactive reports into your blogs and websites. Much has changed in Power BI since then and Microsoft has made it possible to easily embed reports into your blog articles. There are now two basic options for embedding reports. Power BI Embedded is a service on Azure for publishing Power BI visuals and uses authentication to make sure users can see the […]

Reduce the cost of an Oracle database migration project by using SQL Server Linked Servers
21 Dec 2016

When talking about migration from Oracle to SQL Server, we always look for ways to work with our customers to keep costs under control. We recently completed an Oracle to SQL Server migration proof of concept project for a government organization in South America. What made this project unique was the way we used SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) to convert one of eleven Oracle database schemas that were running on a 12-node Oracle RAC cluster to SQL Server. The […]

Global Retailer Tunes up OLAP Performance Ten-fold
15 Dec 2016

When a company grows, it’s no surprise that their database stored data grows as well. This is the case for all companies, and our customer, a global retailer in the beauty industry, was no exception. While working on this project, we managed to increase the average speed of query execution by 30x, saved up to 190 GB of memory and freed up 28 GB of disk storage space. Prior to these great results, there was a hard optimization process performed […]

AWS Schema Conversion Tool: Specific Features of Migrating Data Warehouses to Redshift
14 Dec 2016

This continues our video blog series on the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT). In the previous blog post we’ve talked about the general approach of data warehouses migration to Amazon Redshift, and in this article, we are going to dig deeper into the DW migration specific features. Before starting the migration of Greenplum, Netezza, Oracle or Teradata data warehouse to Amazon Redshift, you will want to understand the capabilities and limitations of Redshift. This video will give you a better […]

AWS Schema Conversion Tool: General Approach to Migration of Data Warehouses to Amazon Redshift
06 Dec 2016

This post continues our video blog series on the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT). In our previous blog posts, we talked about using AWS SCT for transactional database migration projects. The AWS Schema Conversion Tool also supports migrating data warehouse (DW) workloads to Amazon Redshift. AWS Schema Conversion Tool uses a different approach to DW migration projects compared to the transactional database migration workflow. With transactional databases, you typically have stored procedures, triggers and other database objects which deal with […]

SSMA for Oracle 7.0 — Overview of Data Migration Features
05 Dec 2016

DB Best uses a 12-step migration process to make sure all bases are covered as part of a typical migration project. Data migration is a critical part of a database migration projects and tools like SSMA can help in the process. In the following video, we will show you how to migrate data from Oracle to SQL Server using the SSMA tool, as well as highlight errors that may occur during database migration.   Need help getting started? Check out […]

Countdown to AWS re:Invent – Come see us at booth #236
21 Nov 2016

AWS re:Invent 2016 is just days away, and DB Best is excited to be there November 29 – December 2. We’ll be at booth #236. Come see us! To help start the conversation, here is a list of our recent AWS Schema Conversion Tool blog posts: Migrating an Oracle to MySQL Database using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool AWS Schema Conversion Tool: Offline Mode AWS Schema Conversion Tool: Connecting to Oracle Source Database Selecting target database type for migration using […]