Oracle to MySQL migration with AWS SCT: How to convert variables of SYS_REFCURSOR datatype
02 Mar 2017

Oracle 9i introduced the predefined SYS_REFCURSOR type meaning we no longer have to define our own REF CURSOR types. We normally use Oracle’s SYS_REFCURSOR datatype to declare the CURSOR variable of a weak type, which means that we don’t know exactly the number of columns and their type. Then this SYS_REFCURSOR variable has to be used together with a dynamic SQL code to open the cursor variable. MySQL does not support cursors of a weak type. So, when you try to […]

Optimizing your Redshift Storage with AWS Schema Conversion Tool
02 Mar 2017

Amazon introduced the new feature called Redshift Optimization for the Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) November 17, 2016 release. You can now use AWS SCT to optimize your Amazon Redshift databases. For more information, see Optimizing Amazon Redshift by using the AWS Schema Conversion Tool. In the following video, we will demonstrate the essentials of using the Redshift Optimization to improve the query performance. Make sure to check out our new AWS Schema Conversion Tool Jumpstart offer to get you up […]

Using a Neural Network for Face Tracking on Android
02 Mar 2017

In one of our previous blog posts, we talked about face tracking basics. We have demonstrated a simple mobile Face Tracking application, based on native iOS frameworks. Nonetheless, it had some serious limitations and restrictions. We will now take a step forward and talk about more complex face tracking mobile application, where a neural network performs the detection of users’ faces. We should note that the implementation of neural networks in mobile applications proved to be quite a challenging task. […]

Break the Silence — Try Emojitones for Sound Messaging!
01 Mar 2017

Communication remains a very important part of our daily life. Smartphones’ usage growth allows you to stay in touch with your friends on the go. Many chat applications have already made their name in the market, for instance Skype, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Nonetheless a new solution can certainly break through and find its place in the sun. Especially when it comes with some really cool and innovative features. We proudly present Emojitones, the first ever sound-based messenger in the world, developed by DB Best team. This […]

Using AWS Schema Conversion Tool for Application Conversion
24 Feb 2017

A typical database migration project includes not only the schema conversion and data migration but also the application remediation. We are talking about one or many applications interacting with the source database. To wrap up the database migration project, you will need to convert the SQL code used in the application and then reconnect it to the new database. AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) helps to automate this process and simplifies required efforts estimation for manual SQL code conversion. Check the […]

Discover How Face Tracking Mobile Apps Can Improve Your Business
10 Feb 2017

Detection of human faces in real-time imaging is a common task, which may occur in different areas and fit diverse business demands. Various algorithms were developed to resolve this task, and some of these solutions can be used in mobile applications for iOS or Android. Let us take a look at an iOS application prototype, which demonstrates the implementation of the Face Detection technology in quite a simple and entertaining way. Have a look at the following video to learn […]

Portfolio spotlight: Momdezvous mobile application
05 Feb 2017

Mothers of small children are a specific category of people, united by common interests, problems, and hobbies. Absolutely all mothers are interested in finding new friends for communication, spending time together, and visiting various events. It would be great if new friends were living nearby. The main goal of the Momdezvous mobile application, developed at DB Best, is to unite moms with small children on one social network and provide interesting leisure and activities. Momdezvous is a private social network […]

Cross-platform video streaming using RTSP
27 Jan 2017

Remote cameras can be used in various application solutions. Usually, this technology helps with building a local monitoring system for home or office (for example, a baby monitoring system). Besides that, remote cameras can come in handy for the fun and games industry: you can attach the compatible device to drones or other radio controlled toys and control them using a live view from the remote camera. The live video broadcast from one mobile device to another can be carried […]

database compare suite update 4-6
Introducing Fast Data Comparison in Database Compare Suite version 4.6
27 Jan 2017

Many of us regularly use Database Compare Suite — a tool developed by DB Best — for database migration and upgrade projects. This powerful and handy software solution helps confirm successful database migrations by verifying that the data made it to the destination table. Customers reported to us that comparing data between two huge tables simply took too long just to see if they were different. We listened and did something about it. This latest version of Database Compare Suite […]

Welcome back: Sudhir Gajre
26 Jan 2017

We are excited to welcome back Sudhir Gajre in his new role of the General Manager, Central Region at DB Best Technologies. Here is a short bio of Sudhir: Sudhir has over 23 years of experience in the Data Management, and Analytics field and a deep Cloud background. He is a 14 year veteran of Microsoft where he was a Data Architect and later a Principal Technologist. He has been with DB Best for 2 years leading our Central Region […]