Oracle to SQL Server migration with SSMA: How to convert unsupported SQL clause
13 Jun 2017

Oracle allows you to assign a non-scalar condition in WHERE clause. The problem is that SQL Server doesn’t support conditions of this type. Thus, the SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Oracle doesn’t convert queries with a a non-scalar condition in WHERE clause. So, when you try to convert the source code that includes a non-scalar condition in a WHERE clause, SSMA will generate an error O2SS0001.

Taking advantage of Always On Availability Groups while upgrading your SQL Server
12 Jun 2017

One of the largest US national credit unions needed to upgrade their obsolete SQL Server database to take advantage of the latest Always On Availability Groups offerings. We came up with a database upgrade solution that included re-architecting of the customer’s applications. In the end, our customer started using a truly high availability database system while improving its failover features. Learn more about the technical issues of this upgrade project from the following video.

Stepping up the car rental mobile application user experience
09 Jun 2017

You can shape a better future by implementing some of the greatest features in your app. Here’s a stunning example of how you can put it into practice. Recently we’ve built an ultimate car rental mobile application as a proof of concept. Now we want to share the best practices and ideas we’ve implemented in this app with you. Watch the following video to learn more about the approach we can use to develop a similar amazing application for you. […]

Comprehensive Java app upgrade while migrating to SQL Server
Comprehensive Java app upgrade while migrating to SQL Server
08 Jun 2017

One of the largest transportation companies in the United States needed to migrate their Oracle-based application to SQL Server platform. The customer’s application code had high query complexity which increased the level of difficulty for our automated tools. In order to overcome this challenge, we performed manual conversion of the embedded SQL code along with application upgrade to the latest Java version. The customer didn’t have the time, resources or expertise to modernize and migrate their many hundreds of business critical […]

Using data extraction agents to fulfill the database migration projects in AWS Schema Conversion Tool
07 Jun 2017

The Amazon Database Migration Service (DMS) does a great job in helping to copy data from your on-premises databases to AWS RDS for OLTP workloads. When you start talking about terabytes of data, the prior version of DMS was not up for the job. Amazon realized the shortcoming and developed an extension to the Schema Conversion Tool to create a performant way to migrate Terabytes of data from your on-premises Data Warehouse platforms to Amazon Redshift. On May 11, 2017, […]

Fast and error-free migration to the AWS cloud
06 Jun 2017

A major data processing company has been supporting on-premises system with an application that handles document flow from several local printers. They needed to leave their current data center. So they asked us to migrate the application database to the cloud. After assessing their system and choosing the most optimal migration strategy we performed lift-and-shift migration of their Oracle database to the newly provisioned AWS cloud. As a result, we delivered cost and time-effective solution protected from possible issues. Have […]

Would you like Amazon Web Services with your Pizza?
06 Jun 2017

Amazon SQL Server in the Cloud Over the last year or so, I’ve had several opportunities to get my hands dirty with Microsoft’s SQL Server cloud offerings, including taking a Train-the-Trainer class with Dandy Weyn. Now working with DB Best, I realized I needed to broaden my horizons a bit, so I was grateful that I had a chance this week to attend an online webinar called Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server in AWS. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides two […]

Building an Ultimate Cloud-based Business Intelligence Solution for Agriculture
05 Jun 2017

One of the largest North American agricultural enterprises has been envisioning and designing a new cloud-based Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing architecture. They were using a fragmented system, based on Oracle database, while the reports were presented as a mix of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Excel dashboards. We came up with a solution that allowed to consolidate all reports with Power BI dashboards. In addition, we proposed to migrate the original database to Azure Synapse Analytics (previously Azure […]

How Fast is FAST?
25 May 2017

When listening to an online presentation a few days ago, the speaker suggested using one of my favorite, underused query hints: FAST N.  This replaces an older table hint called FASTFIRSTROW, which is one of the few deprecated features to actually be removed from SQL Server. The speaker suggested using the FAST 1 hint, because ‘sometimes it improves the query’, but didn’t say any more about how or why it would improve the query, and why you might NOT want […]

Rolling Back a Transaction on a Memory Optimized Table
18 May 2017

After three and a half weeks with DB Best, things are starting to settle in. After attending the SQL Server 2016 Workshop in Bellevue, and delivering one section on In-Memory OLTP and columnstore indexes, I flew to Houston and delivered the entire Workshop on Friday, May 12. I did have local support from Peter DeBetta, also from DB Best, and John Cook, from Microsoft. The Houston Workshop reached capacity by the Monday before the event, but with John Cook’s help, […]