Azure SQL Database Migration to Embrace Cloud Benefits
06 Apr 2017

One of the leading medical software providers maintained their complex healthcare system with thousands of unique users. Developing over time, this system became overloaded and unsafe. So our customer contacted us to update their system in order to meet the HIPAA standards. After thorough research, we came up with a decision to migrate their databases from SQL Server 2008 to Azure SQL Database. As a result, the customer benefited tremendously from enabling modern high availability and disaster recovery facilities, with better visibility and control of […]

Oracle to SQL Server migration with SSMA: How to convert interval literals
30 Mar 2017

In Oracle, you may use specific interval literals that indicate a certain period of time. SQL Server does not have a direct analog for interval literals. Thus, when trying to convert interval literals using  SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Oracle, you will get an error O2SS0086. The term literal refers to a fixed data value just as the constant value term. You can specify interval literals in terms of years and months or in terms of days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Oracle Database supports two […]

Oracle to SQL Server migration with SSMA: How to convert interval expressions
30 Mar 2017

Oracle uses specific interval expressions to store a period of time. SQL Server does not have a direct analog for this data type. Thus, when you try to convert interval expressions using  SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Oracle, you will get an error O2SS0006. Your source Oracle code may include 2 kinds of intervals: INTERVAL YEAR TO MONTH and INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND. The first one stores the difference in years and months, while the second type stores the difference in days, hours, minutes […]

Our customer reduced costs by over 20% by optimizing Azure elastic pools
29 Mar 2017

A leading provider of payroll and HR services in the United States faced the difficulties with configuring the Azure elastic pools for the needs of their SaaS Azure app. The Azure tools provided by Microsoft were not flexible enough to fine-tune the performance of 20,000 customer databases with different utilization patterns. Moreover, it was almost impossible to maintain so many databases manually. We came up with the solution that allows automatic management of the customer databases basing on extensive monitoring of elastic […]

Oracle to SQL Server migration with SSMA: How to convert materialized view with float type
24 Mar 2017

SQL Server has several different ways of implementing the same behavior as an Oracle materialized view. SSMA cannot understand the original optimization reason for why the application needed the materialized view, so SSMA flags certain conditions as an error. This blog post discusses error O2SS0522 where the Oracle materialized view includes FLOAT columns, WHERE or GROUP BY clauses, subqueries, UNION, MINUS, INTERSECT, etc. Currently SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Oracle converts materialized views to SQL Server indexed views. While converting […]

Using AWS Schema Conversion Tool Extension Pack for OLTP databases
23 Mar 2017

Running your database migration projects, you may have already noticed that AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT) automatically generates an additional schema called extension pack. This schema emulates the system functions and specific features of the source database in your target DB instance. In the following video, we demonstrate how to apply this extension pack to the OLTP database. And in our future blog posts we will talk about working with extension pack for data warehouses. Make sure to check out our […]

Moving workloads to the cloud: MongoDB Cluster Deployment Automation
21 Mar 2017

An international healthcare company felt the urge to migrate core components of their application initially to Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) with a long-term goal of transferring the solution to Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). We came up with a solution that automates the ‘lift and shift’ migration of their existing Linux-based MongoDB Cluster (dozens of virtual machines) to Azure IaaS. We created the cloud automation script that allows not only to deploy  the customer’s system but also to upgrade and scale it in […]

Migrating Oracle database to SQL Server for a leading US healthcare company
Migrating Oracle database to SQL Server for a leading US healthcare company
17 Mar 2017

One of the leading US healthcare organizations needed to upgrade their health record system in an effort to drive down costs while enabling new capabilities. We proposed to migrate the Oracle database to SQL Server to build a scalable and secure architecture. We faced a number of Oracle to SQL Server migration challenges, including the huge volume of data along with very large tables aggregated in the original database. As a result, the customer got the modern, secure, platform while saving […]

Why guess? Learn how augmented reality with 3D objects allows you to try before you buy!
17 Mar 2017

Have you ever asked yourself, wouldn’t it be cool if I had a smartphone application that would show me how a piece of equipment will look on my shop floor before buying? We’re proud to introduce you to an augmented reality iOS application developed by DB Best. This application displays a selected 3D model of production equipment on the screen of iPhone or iPad, adding it to the live camera picture. So, you can explore, how the machinery will fit […]

Oracle to MySQL migration with AWS SCT: How to convert BULK COLLECT clause
16 Mar 2017

Oracle’s SELECT INTO statement with BULK COLLECT clause allows you to retrieve an entire result set and store it in a PL/SQL collection type variable in a single operation. This approach allows to avoid the use of a loop statement to retrieve one result row at a time, thus making the code compact and effective. MySQL doesn’t support the BULK COLLECT INTO operation, so, SCT can not convert the source Oracle code correctly. When you try to convert the source […]