Blog: Building a Secure P2P Car Rental Mobile App

Most people prefer connecting with people, not huge companies. DB Best brought to life the idea of connecting car owners and car renters directly, enabling car owners to lend out their vehicles for rent, and renters to find and hire cars in their location — all with just a few simple clicks of a peer-to-peer car rental mobile app.

DB Best delivered a simple and secure peer-to-peer mobile application for iOS and Android and integrated them with kiosks for storing car keys. Watch the following video and read our blog to learn more about the cool technologies that we used in this project.

Make money from your car

Let’s take a look at how this application works from the car owner’s point of view. All you have to do is fill in your profile and set the rental price. Don’t know how much you can charge for your car? The system recommends a price based on the pricing grid.

With the VIN10 service, you can simply input the VIN code of your vehicle, and the application will show detailed information about your car. Now, you wait for a request from a renter, and then drive your car to a specially equipped station. From there you leave your keys in the kiosk and scan a QR code to confirm you’ve delivered a car and that it’s ready to go.  The app sends a QR code to the renter, and as soon as the renters use the QR code to access your car — you get your money.

Rent a car in two clicks

If you are on the renter’s side, you’ll need to register with the system and launch the app. You can then see a map with parking lots located nearby, allowing you to choose a perfect car from the collection and book it. As soon as the car owner accept your request, he’ll deliver the car to a station.  When the car reaches the station, you’ll get a QR code that can be used to get the car keys from the kiosk.

Technical approach

Let’s dive into the technical highlights of our peer-to-peer car rental application for iOS and Android.
 car rental mobile application diagram


You need a valid driving license to register in the application.

We implemented a third party service that provides an easy way to scan and verify the users’ data. Our developers also leveraged Checkr API to keep customer data valid and safe. In addition, car owners will also submit information about their cars such as model, year of manufacture, condition, and car availability.


We utilized VIN10 service for easy car registration, so when adding a car, you can access a database that stores all possible car models, classes and parameters. This simplifies the registration process, as all the data you need is already in the database, and you only need to select it from the provided suggestions.


DB Best developers customized the Record360 API to add an option that allows car renters to register the car condition when they take it from the parking area and when they bring it back, to remove all doubt over possible damage. If there are any issues with the car, you can register them and add evidence to the system.

QR codes Payments

Our team leveraged Stripe API for in-app payments and added QR code payment method. We also used QR codes for all the check-in and check-out operations. No worries about information integrity here.

Why download a peer-to-peer car rental app?

Good news for introverts and those of you who hate spending time talking to agents and consultants, your efforts to book a car will only involve a few taps and some QR code scanning.

You don’t need to spend time trying to verify the car condition or searching for comments about the rental company reliability. DB Best created a system that checks and verifies everything for you.

Last but not least, booking a car directly from the owners costs 30% less than traditional car rental agencies. So download our P2P rental car app, and hit the road!

Customers benefits

Our customer brought us the idea. DB Best developers built it into a functional app, which we integrated with kiosks and launched the whole system within a short period of time.

We prefer our apps speak for themselves. Just in a weekend before launch, our customers tested their new app in real life and found it delightful.

Take advantage of our experience with creating rental applications, like the e-scooter sharing app. Feel free to drop us a line and let DB Best transform your bright idea into no less bright application.

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