Blog: Using the Assessment Tool to estimate your Oracle Forms modernization project

A lot of our customers are stuck with legacy Oracle Forms. Looking for better performance, our customers want to get off their outdated solutions and run their modernized forms in any web browser. DB Best developed the Oracle Forms Converter that helps automatically migrate up to 100% of the source Oracle Forms code to Web 2.0 architecture. However, at the very beginning, you may want to estimate the effort required for modernization. At this point, we suggest using our free Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool.

This product allows for a better understanding of possible modernization hurdles. The Assessment Tool performs a thorough analysis of the code of your forms and provides you with a detailed assessment report. This report includes all conversion action items — the code fragments, which our Oracle Forms Converter can not automatically convert. So, you get a detailed report on the issues, which prevent full conversion automation. These action items require a certain amount of manual effort. The report includes a ballpark estimate of the total amount of hours required to complete the modernization project.

Watch the following video to see how to use the Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool.

Start your Oracle Forms modernization assessment

The Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool is a simple and totally free utility that helps analyze the complexity of your Oracle Forms. You need to follow 5 simple steps:

  1. Convert your Oracle Forms FMB files to XML using Oracle Forms Builder.
  2. Install the free Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool.
  3. Create a new project and connect to your Oracle Database.
  4. Collect statistics and generate the assessment report.
  5. Discuss this report with the DB Best representative.

Yes, on the final step you may want to share the generated Assessment Report with the DB Best team. Using this report and our vast experience with Oracle Forms modernization, our subject-matter experts can provide you with an estimate of the time required to complete your Oracle Forms modernization project. We also can define the key challenges you will face in this project and help you find the right path to address them.

Assessment report in details

You can find the PDF file with the assessment report in the product folder. The assessment report includes a summary of your project:

  • An estimated percentage of forms that can be automatically converted
  • The number of manual conversion actions
  • The list of discovered action items and recommendations on how to address them

Also, the detailed Oracle Forms conversion assessment report includes the following table.
Oracle Forms Assessment Report table


This table includes the following information:

  • Blocks to Parent modules columns — the number of specific elements in the forms and libraries
  • Easy, medium, and complex action items columns — the number of action items for each of these forms
  • An estimate of time in hours (Action items estimate column) and minutes (Complexity index column) required to address these action items
  • The overall complexity level for every form (Complexity column) is determined based as the most complex action item in the row

This table includes information about forms, libraries, object libraries, and menus. You can find the total results in the last line of the table.

Please share these reports with the DB Best team to get more information about your modernization opportunities.

At the end of the day, we can help transform your Oracle Forms to the HTML5 & React Native JavaScript front end. But still, the easiest way to start is to use the Oracle Forms Converter — Assessment Tool. Download it for free from our dedicated web page.

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