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Optimizing your SQL Server upgrade projects with Database Compare Suite

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Often at DB Best as part of our SQL Server 2005 upgrade efforts, a complex upgrade can sometimes take weeks to move into production. During that time, a DBA or application developer may make a change to the older production database without letting the upgrade team know. We like to call this schema or data drift. Originally created for database migration projects, we’ve created Database Compare Suite at DB Best to solve the problem of drift. Database Compare Suite for SQL Server is a great tool to optimize your SQL Server 2005 upgrade projects, and it can identify and synchronize schema and data drift between test and production databases.

Database Compare Suite in action

In this video, we’ll walk through two scenarios of how to use Database Compare Suite to compare schema and data between SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2014 databases.

Other useful things to know about the tool

  • We would like to point out that in addition to schema and data comparisons, Database Compare Suite also allows you to compare server settings to look for “settings drift.”
  • The Database Compare Suite not only does data and schema database comparisons for SQL Server, but also supports comparing Azure SQL Database, Oracle Database, IBM DB2, MySQL, SAP Sybase ASE and PostgreSQL databases. This includes comparing different database products. For example, you can compare a Oracle Database schema to a migrated SQL Server database. We use the Database Compare Suite tool extensively with our database migration projects.
  • Command line included. This feature enables users to easily integrate Data Compare Suite into development and test environments and use it on a regular basis in unit, integration, and functional testing or for cross-platform database development.

Getting your hands on Database Compare Suite

If you want to see how DB Best uses Database Compare Suite as part of an overall upgrade process, check out our blog post 12 sure steps to SQL Server upgrade success.

Be sure to try Database Compare Suite for yourself: /products/database-compare-suite/.


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