Blog: Case Study: A Note-Taking Application for iPad

The exciting thing about custom development is that with every project we learn something new. And it’s awesome that we have clients who want us to work our magic on their projects. Take, for example, the recent game on Unity 3D or the pissing contests app, where Accelerometer and Cocos2d were used as the core technologies. After all, the mobile landscape is a fast moving target. From HTML5 to native apps, we’re seeing new interesting solutions are spreading extremely quickly.

Now, for a note-taking app for iPad, we used Dragon SDK for voice recognition and picture-in-picture (PiP) technology. The app lets you to write, scribble, add pictures, and even sound notes that reflect your mood – with nothing more than a finger.

Also worth mentioning is note-taking applications are a dime a dozen on the market. But we really hope this one will give users a better way to keep notes and stay organized.

iPad note-taking app