Blog: My first blog post

About Us

That’s my first blog post ever :). I’ve been thinking about importance of blogging and social media long time ago and actually made a decision to start blogging very soon.  It took me only two years to get to my first post. Well, it is better late than never :).

It is very challenging to juggle my super busy life where I balance the job of running the business, raising the kids and living life… Now I’ll have to blog regularly on top of it… Why should I? For a very simple reason. I came to the conclusion that our lives become digitized to a very high degree. People who are non technical at all get more and more attached to their gadgets and perceive the world through their screens. It is the world where Google rules and Facebook is super dominant. In order to be noticed we need to show up in this digital world and tell the world that we exist. I’ve got a goal of growing my business 10x over the next few years and I want everyone to know that!!!

In this blog you will see  my random thoughts about challenges of running the business, balancing it with family life, and doing my part as a humanitarian. I love my job, my family and I learned to love the crazy busy schedule.  Stay tuned and I’ll share my insights on all of it…