Blog: Portfolio Spotlight: Multimedia Mobile App for an Art Project

“Making a big deal out of the little things”

The iPad app we created for our client is a collaborative art project dedicated to focusing on the past, present, and future of randomly selected city blocks.

26 city blocks

26 Blocks Mobile iOS App

Our crew and the client are very excited about the app’s sleek design, user interface, ease of use, and overall speed. But don’t take our work for it – watch the app in action in the video below:



“WHAT IF… Some great writers were paired with awesome photographers”

Tools We Used for Designing the App

  • iOS SDK
  • Audio Toolbox Framework – provides interfaces for recording, playback, and stream parsing. In iOS, the framework provides additional interfaces for managing audio sessions.
  • Quartz 2D – a two-dimensional drawing engine accessible in the iOS environment and from all Mac OS X application environments outside of the kernel.

Take the Next Step

If you want to launch an iOS or Android app for your art project or event, why don’t you contact our mobile development team to discuss your needs? We have tons of ideas for you.