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Mothers of small children are a specific category of people, united by common interests, problems, and hobbies. Absolutely all mothers are interested in finding new friends for communication, spending time together, and visiting various events. It would be great if new friends were living nearby. The main goal of the Momdezvous mobile application, developed at DB Best, is to unite moms with small children on one social network and provide interesting leisure and activities. Momdezvous is a private social network (like Facebook), intended for a narrow audience. It allows users to meet other users to build friendships for themselves and their children.

In the following video review, we’ll discuss the technical features of this project.

Be sure to check the Android app review below!

Additional details

The Momdezvous application includes following search options: distance, age, and children’s age. Users can narrow down the search results to ensure the best chances of forming a connection. Finding new friends like you and your children in Momdezvous is as easy as a swipe!

Users can search points of interest nearby and get suggestions on potential meet ups inside the Momdezvous application. Also, users can easily invite new friends for meet ups. Another cool feature of the Momdezvous app is that all events are automatically added to the calendar on the user’s smartphone.

Key points of the Momdezvous app

Let’s discuss three key points of the Momdezvous application.

  1. First key point is the unique system of anonymous dating. It’s based on relative likes: when two users press the Like button on each other’s profiles, they can start a conversation. There’s also a possibility to place a dislike for a current user’s page: this will hide their profile from the search results in the future. We can implement this custom Tinder-like solution in various applications later on.
  2. The second key point of the Momdezvous application is a built-in chat module. It provides the ability to send messages directly inside the application. Here we use the proprietary module, developed at DB Best. It was also implemented in the Emojitones app we developed earlier.
  3. And the last, but not least is the Google Maps integration. You can see the geolocation of users and view the points of interest directly in the Momdezvous application — there’s no need to switch to another application.

Momdezvous application schemaThe app architecture is typical for a client-server application. The mobile application connects to the server via a special software APІ. Key components of mobile application are: instant messaging module, Google Maps API and push notifications module. The server also communicates with the SQL database as well as with the admin panel.

Find out more details about this App at

The App available for download on iTunes.

Also, please, check the video review of the Android-version of the application.

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