Blog: Portfolio Spotlight: iOS-based Food Truck Tracker and Locator

26 Mar 2013 Alex Grechanowski Application Development, Mobile

Love food trucks? We’ve developed an app for that! The app gives you the ability to see the most up-to-date list of food trucks on the streets and parks of several US states.

iOS App - Food Truck Tracker

It also allows finding all of your favorite food truck vendors and delicious street eats on a single map, say closest to work or gym.

iOS Truck Tracker and Locator

Just because a café or restaurant is on wheels doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on a map.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into this app with our video test-drive:

Tools We Used for Designing the App

  • MapKit framework – uses the Google Mobile Maps (GMM) service to provide map data.
  • CFNetwork framework – provides a library of abstractions for network protocols.
  • CoreLocation framework – lets you determine the current location or heading associated with a device.
  • QuarzCore framework – supports image processing and video image manipulation.
  • iOS SDK