Blog: We Do Not Code For Food. We Deliver Apps That Rock

Why working with our team is better for your business than hiring a freelancer.

If you look at the end-to-end process of developing a mobile app, it involves a number of different things beyond coding – specification, business discovery, user interface design, user experience, marketing and, of course, testing. Take a minute and watch this video where our CEO Dmitry Balin (@dbalin) goes into the details about working with a development team vs. hiring a solo programmer.

Another question that we’ve been asked a lot is “what happens if you become sick during a project?” You’ll be surprised but nothing actually happens. Other ingenious team members are working their magic on your app.

Get Your App Ready For Market – Introducing Mobile Device Lab

Now back to the app development stage. We’d like to show you our collection of 30+ mobile devices that our testing crew uses on a daily basis to make sure your app works like a charm on every iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows device. All these mobile devices and tablets are always available to our developers and testers – they can test anything, anytime.

db best mobile lab

DB Best Mobile Device Lab

Once your app is rigorously tested, you can be absolutely sure that user experience, features, and look-and-feel are maintained throughout the entire mobile app ecosystem. You don’t want to lose users on iPad 2, HTC Wildfire or Nokia Lumia, right?

DB Best iOS Mobile Device Lab

DB Best iOS Mobile Device Lab

iPhone 3GS – 320×480
iPhone 4 – 640×960
iPhone 4S – 640×960
iPhone 5 – 640×1136
iPad – 1024×768
iPad 2 – 1024×768
The New iPad – 2048×1536
iPod Touch 4 – 640×960
iOS versions: 4.3, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1

Using devices from our laboratory and Mobile Application Testing best practices, our Quality Assurance team goes through each mobile app on every possible platform and resolution to perform a number of mobile QA tasks and tweaks: from Functional testing to Laboratory, Performance, Interrupt, Usability, and Installation testing.

DB Best Android Mobile Device Lab

DB Best Android Mobile Device Lab
Android versions: 2.2, 2.3, 3.x, 4.0, 4.1/4.2

DBBest Windows Mobile Device Lab

DB Best Windows Mobile Device Lab
Windows Phone 7, Windows 8 RT

Please check the entire collection of the mobile devices we use on our Facebook page: Mobile Device Lab.

With all that gear and the smartest team, we’re really looking forward to delivering your next mobile development app on time and on budget.