Blog: DB Best released a new 1.5 version of Migration Platform

DB Best is glad to introduce the latest version of Migration Platform — a versatile program for automated database migration. The new version provides a rich set of new features by introducing a new Ora2Pg in-build tool, better objects browsing, and general usability improvements.

Ora2Pg integration became an important step to facilitate the Oracle to PostgreSQL migration and provide our users with extra options. Schema conversion for existing projects was also a necessary addition to make this operation faster using the previously saved SSMA and AWS SCT migration reports. Tree view filtering allowed users to select which objects they want to see for each platform — this grants easier navigation. The new error mapping UI provided users with codes and messages for each particular mapping error on a single screen — the menu lets users match similar database errors by avoiding source and target syntax differences. Plus, we added the CMD interface to the test creation process — users can now run third-party applications using commands to run the most complex testing scenarios.

Extending schema conversion capabilities 

You can now choose the most suitable tool for schema conversion from Oracle to PostgreSQL — AWS SCT or Ora2Pg.

Choose between SCT and Ora

With its addition, Migration Platform currently offers three in-build tools for automated migration suited for each scenario. Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA), AWS SCT, and Ora2Pg v.20.0 and its earlier versions have their own corresponding migration pairs for Migration Platform, and the full list is available in the user guide.

Speed up schema conversion

To accelerate the schema conversion process, you can now pick the existing SSMA or AWS SCT projects in the Schema Conversion module. Choosing the existing project option will lead users to the migration reports folder where the previously saved projects are stored.

You can still perform schema conversion from scratch. In that case, Migration Platform will automatically a project and remove it after completing the conversion.

We also improved the usage convenience of schema conversion by displaying the built-in tools used for the schema conversion (SSMA, AWS SCT, Ora2Pg) when pressing the Convert schema button.

Existing project path selection

Improved objects navigation

Display only schemas and databases you need for your work — hide the unnecessary system objects when using Migration Platform.

By heading over to Project Settings or Global Settings > Tree View, users can choose between showing or hiding empty schemas and service objects. What’s more, we enabled the addition of user-defined schemas and databases to the list — they can be manually added and managed in a separate field.

Projects Settings allow for filtering schemas and databases for a selected pair of database platforms. At the same time, Global Settings allow choosing any of the supported database platforms and modifying their tree view filtering.

Tree view options

Achieve better tests coverage

Enjoy easier testing by making sure that both the source and target databases perform the same way even in case of failures. Use the error mapping feature to compare errors returned from the source and target databases.

When similar errors have different codes and messages, the menu allows for equalizing them, thus comparing databases in the right way. It contains the default and user-added equations that negate syntax differences for source and target errors you can edit.

Available at Mapping > Error mapping rules, the new UI allows users to avoid inspecting each error to see its behavior patterns, instead, it is now all in front of users’ eyes. After the update, you should only inspect errors for entering syntax-specific patterns for both the source and target platforms.

List of errors for mapping

Improve testing pipelines

Very often you need to execute a certain third-party application during a test scenario. Now, you don’t need to run it manually as DB Best Migration Platform allows for automating the run of third-party applications.

Available during the second step (definitions) of a test suite creation, users can enter CMD commands and simulate comprehensive testing scenarios, including running .bat or .exe files. What’s more, the CMD interface is available for all stages: PRE, MAIN, and POST scripts. This makes up for the most complex testing for both the source and target platforms. The feature is an essential addition for mimicking CI/CD processes without involving DevOps engineers.

Extra definition options

Free trial download

You can download a free trial version of the DB Best Migration Platform from the official product page. This version works for a limited period. However, if you want to continue using this fully automated database migration product, please drop us a line.

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