Blog: Improving the Test Organizer module of the DB Best Migration Platform

DB Best released a new version of Migration Platform, our ultimate product for automating database migrations. In this release we added new features to the Test Organizer module, a unique and unrivaled feature of the DB Best Migration Platform. We also made several improvements of the user interface. In this blog post, we will cover these new application features, however, we recommend you starting with our previous blog posts:

What’s new in the DB Best Migration Platform 1.1?

First of all, users can create universal tests and run them against different databases or schemas. In these cases, the tests don’t include fully qualified object names. So, the users can execute these tests at the database or schema level given the object names remain the same.

You can also use the Test Organizer module to automatically generate tests for all database objects. And the DB Best Migration Platform v1.1. brings support for 3 different options for automated generation of tests. These options allow for generating tests against your databases.
auto-generation settings

Now users can sort test groups by object type and name or include a certain number of data rows into the created tests. Also, users can generate tests for database code objects using specific parameter inputs. DB Best Migration Platform includes a rich choice of settings for each of these test generation options.

Finally, we implemented new strategies for the comparison of the objects affected during the test execution. Now, you can use not only the row count, fast comparison, and detailed comparison options to discover data changes.

Watch the following video to see how you can use these features.

We also introduced several user interface improvements. For example, we updated the pop-up menu in the main window of the DB Best Migration Platform with a new Load schema(s) option. Now you can load the whole database schema in one click.

DB Best Migration Platform load schemas

Also, you can export the test execution results in a .CSV file using the pop-up menu. For more updates check the Release notes section of the DB Best Migration Platform user guide.

Compatible with out-of-support versions of Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft officially ended the support of SQL Server 2000 and 2005. However, many of our customers still utilize these versions of Microsoft SQL Server. DB Best Migration Platform can help upgrade outdated SQL Server databases or find the right modernization path.

However, the support for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005 is rather limited. For example, you can’t use the Data Store to create backups. Also, the AWS Schema Conversion Tool doesn’t support these versions of SQL Server. So, you will need to upgrade your SQL Server databases first and then consider the migration to AWS.

Free trial download

You can download a free trial version of the DB Best Migration Platform from the official product page. This version works for a limited period. However, if you want to continue using this fully automated database migration product, please drop us a line.

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