Blog: A Video Tour Through the SQL Server 2012 Migration Assistant

On the SQL Server YouTube channel, Dmitry Balin (@dbalin), CEO and co-founder of DB Best Technologies, guides you through the new Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Migration Assistant (SSMA) that supports migration to SQL Server 2012. 22-minutes may be considered long for a video tour, but we’re in the big data space so it’s well worth your time.


The key points of the video:

01:33 – Why Migrate to SQL Server

03:02 – Database and Application Migration Process

Database and Application Migration Process
05:46 – How SSMA Looks Like – The Demo

SSMA demo
08:13 – SSMA Demo – Schema Converter Module

SSMA Modules

08:31 – SSMA Demo – Data Migrator Component

09:15 – SSMA Demo – Migration Tester

09:59 – Database Migration Challenges

16:40 – Migration Best Practices

21:01 – Additional Resources

Dmitry Balin

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