Blog: Portfolio Spotlight: Download Files Using Your iPhone


As we all know iOS as the system is pretty locked down and so it doesn’t offer an easy way for downloading files while browsing the Web using Safari.

Safari - Get everywhere from here

Our mobile development team recently solved the problem by creating a smart iOS app for one of our clients. The app features a neat download manager with multiple types of sharing options.


Now let’s watch this video that demonstrates all the bells and whistles of the application:



Download files using the Safari browser on your iPhone:

Tools, Frameworks and Technologies We Used for Designing the App

  • iOS SDK – a range of resources for developing, designing and distributing applications for iOS
  • iCloud – designed for storing contacts, calendars, photos, music, books, apps and more in the cloud and accessing them on all your devices
  • iTunes Sharing
  • In-App Purchase – allows selling items within your iOS apps and Mac apps, like premium content, virtual goods, and subscriptions
  • JavaScript
  • AFNetworking

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