Blog: Fresh News from DB Best Ukraine

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Ukraine is back to the front pages and top news reports, and while all our friends and clients are getting concerned, team DB Best Ukraine has released a new fresh video, which makes you question all the news produced by the global media industry.

The city of Kharkov, where our Development Center is located, is getting ready for the spring time: municipality workers are fixing the alleys, construction workers are trying to finish their projects by summer, businesses working as usual.

DB Best Ukraine Team is working hard on multiple data base management and migration, custom development and modernization projects, including the new Microsoft SSMA upgrade project, which DB Best is developing in cooperation with our partner- Microsoft corporation. Our developers are actively working on the release of the new version of SSMA line of products. As a part of this project, we are planning to develop new features, which would allow Oracle to Azure migration, as well as database migration to MS SQL 2014, which is set to release in the nearest future.

DB Best Ukraine with the latest news from the “frontline” that will make you smile! 🙂