Blog: Fixed price, time and material contracts, or a dedicated team?

A new inspiring idea exploded in your mind. And you believe the idea has potential and deserves to be put into action. You want the world to see it, and you can even imagine the way this idea transforms into a software solution. Or maybe you already have the solution, and you want to modify or improve it. Finally, you might have your enterprise-level business blooming, but you require specialized engineers to make it more cost-effective.But where do you start?

You may have heard about different approaches to application development. But still, you are not sure how they work, and which of them meets your needs best. Let’s take a look at a few scenarios to help you decide on which approach to take, depending on your project’s phase and specifics.

How should you proceed with your application?

In this post, we will describe several ways DB Best customers moved forward with the development of their application. Check out the following examples to find the right option for your solution:

Case Study 1 — You have the vision, you have input, and you want to make the app better

In Case Study 1, you have your vision, and maybe even actual input for bringing the software to life. Or, you may even have the software and the hardware ready. And you want to start from here, meet your budget with development, and find a reliable software development vendor.

This example aligns with the story of our client from the healthcare industry. They were a small startup company with an existing solution, and the will to improve its quality and launch into the market. The product consisted of the software, as well as hardware devices. First, our team proceeded with the fixed-price model for the initial update, and upgrade. Then we enabled the idle features. Since our client provides healthcare solutions, together we put in a lot of effort to endorse the required safety and the users’ privacy protection licensing from the start. So that the product would grow and penetrate the EU and US markets.

We have been working jointly with this customer for more than 5 years by now. And currently, they have a dedicated development team of 10 people from DB Best. This team of knowledge-keepers now envisions substantial new business ideas and develops important new products like the one for asthma treatment for kids. In this case, the dedicated team generated an idea of how to develop the supporting applications for a great kid-friendly inhaler, which is a huge milestone.

If this scenario describes you, and your budget is restricted, and you need to raise funds first and make your business spin, start with a fixed-price as our client did. This way, you’ll know the exact budget for the exact development phase, and the particular output you’ll get as a result. After you achieve the MVP version of your product, you can move on with the time and material or a dedicated development model to have more flexibility in terms of the development process, functionality, etc.

Your software development path

Case Study 2 — The idea is in your head, and you need to develop it

So, you have an idea, possibly even some design drafts, and functionality outlines. And you want to bring this idea to life. Now, with this picture in your mind, you’re looking for a reliable software development team to revolutionize the idea into a clickable and usable application.

Our of our clients from the US came up with the idea of creating a perfect application for travelers. This solution would combine a social network with options to exchange photos and videos, tag places, and share travel destinations within a community. This application also involves a couple of unique features you would really appreciate. We started with a business analysis and design stage, which we offered fixed-price. And since we created the essential project documents like the Project Scope and the wireframes, we moved on with the MVP. Our customer got nice feedback from the audience and sponsors. As a result, we moved on with the complete version of the app with full functionality sticking to the fixed-price model.

The idea here is that in case your application is not a huge multi-functional and multi-platform solution, you might want to go with the fixed-price model through to the final version. And, such a development path can be a success for you if you move step by step. An experienced and reliable software development partner is a must here.

Case Study 3 — You want to realize your vision but lack the engineers to do it

Your project is a mid to large size solution that you’re building or planning. You can see the way your product should grow and change. And you require a dedicated developer or a whole team that is as much involved in the project as you are.

You recognize how important the adjustability for your solution is in terms of project scope and requirements, team size, and expertise. Finally, you want smooth development and maintenance with engineers that you approve and a responsible Project Manager on the vendor’s side.

The customer in Case Study 3 reached out with the need to modernize their existing application, its databases, and its infrastructure. They also wanted to reduce the cost of running their current systems by migrating them to the cloud. For this client, DB Best provided dedicated engineers for the app modernization and migration services, covering all the corresponding steps. This project is in progress. And the dedicated developers work as one team side by side with the customer and his onsite engineers. They communicate daily, sharing knowledge, and experience. Such cooperation tends to be long-term and might last for the whole solution lifetime. At least that’s the relationship we manage to build with a number of our clients.

I guess I need a full-time engineer or a dedicated team

Perhaps you can relate to Case Study 1 and Case Study 3. You’re searching for the accomplishment of your onsite team with top-notch programmers. Within the dedicated developer approach, you may hire one or more engineers, including Quality Assurance engineer, to contribute to your project full-time. This way, you can continue managing your existing team, and a person or a few people that joined remotely.

At DB Best we make the dedicated model transparent and easy. You have control over your team’s performance, as well as its budget. You know the rates for every dedicated developer in your team, and you know exactly how much the full-time engineer’s engagement costs you.

A fixed-price or dedicated development path for your app

Finally, the dedicated development approach suits you best when you have a big long-term project and look towards an offshore development team to build it, upgrade it, and/or maintain it. In this case, you may be a business owner supervising the development process or a Product Owner as a part of the team. So you will be into the development process and cooperate with the dedicated team within regular Scrum meetings. This software development path is especially fruitful for complicated solutions that require knowledge-keepers to contribute permanently. Also, that is the only possible way to remotely develop products for healthcare, municipal, and other demanding sectors. Since those spheres require stable, trusted, and certified software development partner.

DB Best is the vendor to build quality solutions

DB Best provides clients with full-cycle development services. Address us a request for your project, and we will help you pick the right path, and provide you with high-quality service regardless of the model you pick. To get the preliminary estimate for your project, feel free to use our online service.

Our team will help you build your solution, launch, maintain, and support it during the project lifecycle. To get a precise consultation on your project building, feel free to contact the DB Best team. And let’s start bringing your business plans to life today!

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