Blog: DB Best at SQL PASS Summit 2014

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The first week of November 2014 was very special for the SQL Server and BI community. During November 4-7th the annual PASS Summit was held in Seattle, WA. That was a record-breaking event with 3,941 delegates and 1,959 pre-conference registrations across 56 countries for a total of 5,900 registrations. DB Best grasped the chance to demonstrate once more how we remain leading experts in SQL Server and Data Management.




During the PASS Summit 2014 DB Best’s team had several busy and exciting days with lots of visits from customers and Microsoft employees. We were showcasing the company’s expertise in Data Management including modernizations and migrations to the Microsoft Data Platform (SQL/Azure/APS), “net new” data management services (BI, SharePoint, “Big Data”, mobile interfaces), operational data management (Health Checks and monitoring), and DB Best products (Database Compare Suite, OraMigrator, DB2 Migrator, MySqlMigrator, T-SQL Analyzer, and Data Discovery Suite).



We demoed the new web GUI of DBMSys Platform which used for monitoring clients’ databases the DBMSys Management System provide:

–       Health checks for a quick “doctors” visit,

–       Monitoring for ongoing problem detection,

–       Analytics for projections to inform future database infrastructure changes.

The user interface of the product is web based, and may eventually be hosted in the cloud, but initially it is hosted locally where the data is collected and serve as the front-end of a monitoring appliance.




This was not the first time when DB Best took part in this summit.

–  At the PASS Summit of 2003, also in Seattle, DB Best launched its first Database Migration Platform, which was focused on Oracle to SQL Server migration. This technology was later acquired by Microsoft and served as a foundation for SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) product line.

– During the SQL PASS Summit 2010 Dmitry Balin, CEO and co-founder of DB Best Technologies, gave a speech on a differences and similarities of Oracle and SQL Server. At the time Dmitry was focusing on the differences between Oracle and Microsoft technologies, and  how SSMA could be leveraged by DBAs and database developers for cross-platform database development or Oracle to SQL Server migration situations.

Operational Data Management  was the highlight of our team’s presentation at PASS this year as the DB Best team demonstrated an expansion of new products and services beyond the core migration expertise. .


If you missed the chance to meet DB Best team in person during the PASS Summit 2014, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly answer all your questions about our services and products.