Blog: No More Forgotten Children! DB Best Helps a Great Cause

Modernization, Web

Christmas is a time of joy, miracles and giving. Everyone, and especially kids, are looking forward to it, decorating their homes, writing letters to Santa, and secretly hoping they will get exactly what they wished for. For many kids however the Holiday season becomes the saddest time of the year as their families are going through rough times. The Forgotten Children Fund (FCF) was founded by a group of kind-hearted and dedicated people in order to fix this terrible injustice. DB Best strongly believes that children are our future and that together we can make this world a brighter and better place, especially for those in need. We have been actively involved in a number of charity initiatives worldwide, and of course, when we found out that The Forgotten Children Fund was looking for help, we jumped right in without giving it a second thought!




The ultimate goal of the fund is to make the holiday a bit brighter for the maximum number of kids, who are experiencing hardship due too various reasons. Typically, the fund helps families, who are not assisted by other public or charitable organization. That is why volunteers perform a scrutinized screening and detailed research to identify these households, by creating multiple lists and reports. When FCF turned to us for help, they already had an ASP.NET website which allowed them to manage their daily tasks, but to make the data storage and report processing more efficient certain improvements were needed.

Being an expert in data management and database modernization, DB Best team was asked to expand multiple UI forms, which FCF volunteers used to collect and store data on families. Our team significantly improved performance, reports generation and usability of the website. The technology stack included ASP.NET & SQL Server, Reporting Services and Fast Search. These changes have drastically improved volunteers productivity so that they can devote more of their time to the actual act of giving.

All the work of DB Best had been performed for the The Forgotten Children Fund was free of charge, and we are very honored and happy to have had an opportunity to contribute to such a wonderful and much needed cause.
This holiday season let’s make a difference together!