Blog: Featured Service: Database Migration

DB Best Technologies is the leading provider of databases and application migration services. DB Best has the expertise and experience to enable you to safely migrate your information system asset to SQL server and. NET platform.

DB Best offers all types of database and application migration and has been helping companies to migrate to Microsoft platform since 2001.

Database Migration Services

Our services include full migration life cycle support from initial assessment of migration complexity to testing of the migrated code and deployment of the system.

  • Database & Application migrations — migrating applications between different DBMSs, taking any enterprise database and application built on Oracle, Sybase, Informix or DB2 and migrating it to SQL server.
  • SQL Server Services — SQL Server audit, architecture consultancy and performance tuning of SQL Server databases. DB Best database team is the SWAT team that mission-critical databases can be trusted to.

Why migrating with DB Best?

DB Best was founded in 2002 in San Jose, CA. The product it developed for automated database migrations (converting between different SQL dialects) was acquired by Microsoft in 2005. Since then DB Best has been developing and supporting the expanded family of migration products (SQL Server Migration Assistant for Oracle/Sybase/Access), and is widely recognized as the leading expert in this space.