Blog: Database Compare Suite update 4.9 brings Azure Synapse Analytics support

We’re excited to bring you the latest release of Database Compare Suite. The new version 4.9 features support for Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics along with some other improvements.

Database Compare Suite 4.9 with Azure Synapse Analytics support

Covering 12 Major Database Platforms

With the support of Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics (previously Azure SQL Data Warehouse), the total count of available database platforms in the Database Compare Suite reached the total of 12. This dozen includes 5 specific data warehouse platforms. So, you can keep humongous data under control with Database Compare Suite. The full list of supported database dialects includes Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse Analytics, Greenplum, IBM DB2, IBM Netezza, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE and Teradata.

Database Compare Suite 4.9 Connection dialog

That totals in amazing 78 database pairs, available for schema and data migration, synchronization and comparison. Of course, 12 of these pairs are homogeneous and another 66 pairs are heterogeneous (when the source and target databases run on different platforms).

User Interface Upgrades

We improved the interface of the database connection dialog. You may prefer to use the connection string to connect to the database rather than input the access credentials manually. In this case, the Database Compare Suite update 4.9 provides an example of the required connection string. Its format depends on the selected database dialect. So, you don’t have to search the connection string example on the Internet. We have done that for you: just insert the connection parameters into the provided sample and press the Test Connection button!

Database Compare Suite 4.9 Connection String

We’ve discovered that Database Compare Suite provides the connection string example only for the first time. If you already used the connection string to connect to your database, the tool would display this string instead of the example in the drop-down list in future.

Database Compare Suite 4.9 Data operation options

In addition, we updated the list of data operations options. We’ve added the check mark that allows treating the empty data values as NULL. This is really important for heterogeneous data operations because some database platforms don’t support empty values. Thus, using a NULL value instead of an empty field becomes a compromise solution.

Download our free trial with no strings attached on the Database Compare Suite page.

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