Blog: Comparing data in your databases using Database Compare Suite

At DB Best, we believe our Database Compare Suite is the ultimate solution for database developers, administrators, quality assurance, and DevOps engineers to simplify their daily routine. It allows you to compare schema and/or data with source and targets on either the same or different database engines. Until we have Database Compare Suite on every developer’s desktop, we are starting a series of mini-blog posts with short videos to hopefully convince you that you can’t live without our Database Compare Suite!

Let’s kick things off with a scenario where we just migrated an Oracle database to PostgreSQL using AWS Database Migration Service. Now, we need to validate that the data that was originally on the Oracle database is the same as the data now on the PostgreSQL database. Check out our video to see how simple this is with Database Compare Suite.

As you can see, Database Compare Suite quickly identified issues with data migration. Sure, only one table matched in this example. But, it’s all about quickly validating the results after the migration process. Check out our online help topic Data Comparison for all the options that are available. And to answer the obvious question, yes you can perform the same operation using the Windows command line. But, that’s a topic for a future blog post.

Read our blog post to discover how you can compare data using the command-line interface of Database Compare Suite.

In our next Database Compare Suite blog post, we will demonstrate how to use our detailed data comparison feature. It allows for discovering what’s going on with the tables that didn’t pass the quick test.

Be sure to download a free version of this ultimate tool for database developers and administrators.

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