Blog: Database Compare Suite 5.3 brings BigQuery support

DB Best has released a new version of Database Compare Suite. This version supports Google’s BigQuery, a serverless and highly scalable cloud data warehouse platform. Also, the latest product release includes the updated Database Compare Suite user guide which now provides for convenient search and better user interaction.

Database Compare Suite 5.3 BigQuery

The list of updates includes:

Read this blog post to learn more about the latest Database Compare Suite features.

Database Compare Suite supports BigQuery

We are happy to announce that our latest release of Database Compare Suite supports 19 different database platforms. The latest addition includes BigQuery data warehouses. If you are looking to enhance the productivity of your data analysts through this highly scalable and serverless solution, be sure to use Database Compare Suite. Our product may help support data warehouse migrations from Oracle, SQL Server, Netezza, Teradata, Vertica, Greenplum, and Redshift to BigQuery.

Connecting to BigQuery in Database Compare Suite

You may connect to your BigQuery data warehouse in Database Compare Suite by specifying the path to the credentials file as well as the project ID. You may also use the connection string, which looks as follows:


You can compare data between BigQuery and any other database platform supported by Database Compare Suite.

However, you cannot use BigQuery as a source for data migration or synchronization operations.

For a full list of supported platforms comparable with BigQuery, check out our Product features page.

Introducing the updated user guide

We are happy to announce the launch of the totally re-imagined user guide for Database Compare Suite. You are welcome to enjoy a well-crafted interface, an improved user experience, and a convenient search function. This means that now you can find the required information in search results rather than navigating through endless menu pages.

Database Compare Suite user guide overview

Additionally, we have updated all pages covering database connection specifics with examples of connection strings. You can easily craft the connection string for your database using these templates.

Command-line interface improvements

Many customers use the command-line interface of Database Compare Suite to integrate various data operations into DevOps pipelines. As we are constantly improving the quality of our product, we have enhanced the command-line interface options in the latest release.

Particularly, we added the support of SSL connections in CLI. We also added the support of SQL Server Always Encrypted columns. Finally, you may specify that the driver can trust the server certificate when establishing a secure database connection.

User interface improvements

Based on recent customer feedback, we have made a couple of improvements to our user interface.

We simplified the sorting key selection operation by adding a button that allows for adding all available column pairs into the list of sorting columns.

Sorting keys add all columns

Also, we updated the matching operation with the ability to review the loader log.

Matching loading log

Free download

The latest version of Database Compare Suite supports 19 database platforms. This product helps database administrators and developers manage multiple database instances. You can try our latest version of Database Compare Suite free for 14 days. Go ahead and download the trial version of the application from the Database Compare Suite page.

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