Blog: Take advantage of a customized video chat module to improve your mobile applications

So, you want to upgrade your existing mobile application by adding some cool new features to it? Or do you want to build a new app from scratch, leveraging the most advanced features available on the market? Let us introduce an easily customizable video chat module, which we regularly use in various mobile applications. Watch the following video to learn how we can embed video chat directly into your mobile app quickly and easily.

Why does your mobile app needs a video chat module?

Interactive communication with your potential customers is a fast and easy way to connect. Integrating a video chat module in your mobile application allows for increasing customer engagement, which can dramatically improve sales efforts and grow brand loyalty. You will spend less time and effort reaching these goals.

We believe that the great majority of mobile applications can benefit from a video chat module. For example, we can integrate a video chatting module into your corporate application so that a consultant can tell customers about your services. Another example is matching or dating applications. When the application matches a pair of customers, they can immediately have a quick chat inside the app. Various online games, personal assistants, or even multimedia applications can benefit from live support using video chat features.

Contact us to learn how we can upgrade your mobile application in a short period of time.


Selecting the proven solution

When looking for a video chat module to integrate into your iOS and Android applications, you should consider the following items:

  1. Security — the chat should be encrypted because you need to keep your user’s conversations secure.
  2. Performance — the application shouldn’t slow down after video chat module integration, delivering the highest quality experience possible.
  3. Reliability and scalability — you have to be ready to handle a sufficient workload increase once the app goes live.
  4. Group chats support — you may need to leverage chat rooms with multiple users.
  5. Code simplicity — the less effort you need to integrate a video chat module into the app, the more cost-effective the application will be.

We tested multiple solutions for secure communications and found the easiest way to add messaging to your app.

Let us introduce you the Twilio video chat service. This solution is based on the open-source WebRTC technology. WebRTC stands for Web Real-Time Communication and supports using the microphone and the webcam of your device. WebRTC technology makes it easy for you to create video chat applications with video streaming capabilities. And the most important thing is that this video chat service is highly customizable to your unique application’s needs.

Video chat module in details

Let’s see how this WebRTC video chat module works. Below you can find a typical application diagram.

video chat module application diagram

We use the Google Cloud Datastore database (with an option to upgrade to Cloud Firestore) to store the customer’s data. For example, we keep the customer’s unique ID in this database. The application uses this ID when the customer wants to initiate the video call. The app sends it to the connection server, which is a part of the Twilio cloud service.

Then, after establishing the connection, the video chat server tries to create a direct media connection. If this option is available, the application establishes the connection via a STUN server.

If the direct connection is unavailable for this pair of customers, the application will use the TURN server to connect the customers using the cloud service. During the connectivity checking phase, WebRTC will choose the TURN relay with the lowest round-trip time. However, the Twilio service allows for utilizing your own TURN servers instead of built-in servers for additional security.

Let’s get started!

Our completely secure cloud-based video chat module seamlessly integrates with your existing applications. Contact us to take advantage of this proven solution and start upgrading your Android and iOS applications today!

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