Blog: Featured Project: An Awesome Coloring App for iPad

Kids love coloring. They love being able to create something to remember. And they can learn new skills and develop creativity while coloring on the iPad. On the other hand, parents are happy when their children are spending time with educational tools – sometimes coloring keeps kids entertained for hours. Definitely a win-win situation.

There’s no shortage in coloring apps on the market, but we believe we’ve created a very efficient and beautiful one that children will love and find it hard to put down.

For this educational app, our Design and Mobile Development teams are using Scalable Vector Graphics as SVG drawings can be dynamic and interactive. Moreover, scaling the vector images preserves the shapes, while scaling, for example, the bitmaps will reveal the dots.

What’s Inside

The app comes with a predefined set of coloring templates. It’s also possible – and pretty much easy – to download more. A couple of other useful features – a color palette, automated saving, the export and reset buttons.

Well, without a further ado, here’s a short overview of the app:


If you’re considering creating a mobile application that relies on graphics and visualization, contact us and let’s discuss your requirements. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter to be notified when the coloring app will be available in the App Store.

The People Behind the Code and Design:

Art - MaryBrain - MikeCode - Olga