Webinar #1.1 SQL Server Metadata Overview Follow-up
22 Sep 2017

The link to watch Webinar #1.1: Metadata Overview can be found here: Webinar #1 – SQL Server Metadata Overview Once you complete the registration information, you will get an email with a link to the webinar. Yes, it’s a little tedious, but the marketing team says I have to use this link. 🙂 The zip file that includes the presentation and demo scripts is located at Webinar 1.1 — SQL Server Metadata Overview files. As I mentioned when telling you […]

SQL Server Internals: the Webinar Series
22 Sep 2017

   This past Tuesday, the 19th of September, I started broadcasting a series of webinars which cover all the material in my SQL Server Internals classes that I’ve been delivering around the world for almost 20 years. I’ll even be able to add additional information not included in the classes because our time constraints are not quite so strict. As Microsoft added new features to the SQL Server product, I had to remove some still relevant content […]

Configuring a Database
19 Sep 2017

Before SQL Server 2016, configuration referred to instance-wide settings. But with Azure SQL Database not giving us access to any instance-level information or giving us any instance-level control, we only can see information and control settings for a specific database. So now, a new SQL Server 2016 feature allows us to have a bit more control of individual databases. And once a feature gets tested and verified in Azure, it’s ported to the SQL Server on-premises code. We now have […]

Reducing time and costs while building highly available system
Developing Always On Availability Group checklist with reduced configuration time and costs
11 Sep 2017

One of America’s largest transportation authorities was running the mission-critical system on SQL Server platform and any down times could harmfully impact millions of citizens. So, they contacted DB Best to help them modernize their system. We advised them to implement high availability and disaster recovery solutions to keep their system running without interruptions. To meet the customer’s needs, we performed technical support and delivered detailed instructions and automated scripts to implement the highly available architecture in compliance with Always […]

Changing How To Change Your Database Properties — ALTER DATABASE
07 Sep 2017

Long ago (in SQL Server years) many metadata changes were implemented with special one-off stored procedures. For example, we had sp_addindex and sp_dropindex, as well as sp_addtype, sp_droptype, sp_addlogin and sp_droplogin. For changing certain database properties, we had sp_changedbowner and sp_dbcmptlevel, to name a few. Gradually, Microsoft has started replacing these procedures with the more generic DDL commands ADD, DROP and ALTER. This is both good news and bad news. It’s good because these commands are more efficient and more […]

How to determine Oracle migration ROI for complex systems
06 Sep 2017

A global pharmaceutical company has been supporting hundreds of applications on the Oracle platform. Their complex system became outdated over the years with 90% of end of life or extended support Oracle versions with very expensive contracts. They needed a cost effective solution, so they looked for a way to move their workloads to a higher value SQL Server solution. See how we helped our customer determine Oracle migration ROI (Return on Investment) for their highly complex environment. Let’s see how […]

Kalen Delaney’s Midwest SQL Server Tour 2017
01 Sep 2017

DB Best will be hosting a series of FREE workshops in the Midwest region with Kalen Delaney presenting. The workshops will focus on ‘Getting the most out of the SQL Server Engine”. Kalen Delaney is a SQL Server MVP, renowned author of the SQL Server Internals book series. With over two decades of SQL Server experience, Kalen has been a frequent speaker and authority on all things SQL Server. The workshops will include extensive Hands On Lab sections facilitated by […]

Migration Project for A Global Leader in Security Technology
Migrate Sybase ASE databases to SQL Server for a security technologies company
25 Aug 2017

DB Best recently completed a project to migrate Sybase ASE databases to SQL Server for a global leader in security technology. Faced with skyrocketing license costs with SAP to renew their out-of-support server instances, our customer needed a way to migrate hundreds of Sybase ASE databases. To make matters worse, our customer faced upgrading their out of support PowerBuilder applications. By migrating to SQL Server on commodity Intel based servers, our customer found that they could exceed their performance needs […]

Performing a comprehensive SQL Server Database Health Check
Getting the most out of a comprehensive database health check for SQL Server
22 Aug 2017

One of our public sector customers was using a distributed SQL Server 2016 database system and was considering an upgrade to unite the servers in one data center, or even a move to the cloud. We helped them by using our DBMSys service to perform the overall database health check. As part of the database health check, we found several high priority issues which required immediate actions. In addition, we provided the customer with detailed information on their existing database system, […]

Free Summer Workshops!
17 Aug 2017

Over the next month, I’ll be presenting a free workshop in seven cities in the U.S. The workshop will include hands-on labs that allow you to explore new features of the relational engine for both SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server 2017.  For more details, and to register, check the links below. Remember, the workshops are FREE and include both breakfast and lunch!