Oracle to SQL Server migration with SSMA
Oracle to SQL Server migration with SSMA: How to convert unsupported table expressions
09 Mar 2017

Oracle’s table functions allow you to define a set of PL/SQL statements that will, when queried, behave just as a regular query to the table. You may use the table function to manipulate the individual elements of a collection (user-defined object types) in your SQL code. The problem is that SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Oracle can not convert table function and generates a set of errors: O2SS0474: Conversion of user defined type variable is not supported and is […]

Database migration with SSMA: How to handle typical conversion errors
09 Mar 2017

Welcome to our blog post series covering the typical conversion errors of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA). DB Best has a vast experience in database migration, so, we constantly encounter these errors and found the solutions for most of them. We will devote one blog post per common error message that may occur during database migration with SSMA. Each blog post contains a problem statement and our recommendation on how to fix it correctly. Related posts Below you can find the table of contents […]

Reduce the cost of an Oracle database migration project by using SQL Server Linked Servers
21 Dec 2016

When talking about migration from Oracle to SQL Server, we always look for ways to work with our customers to keep costs under control. We recently completed an Oracle to SQL Server migration proof of concept project for a government organization in South America. What made this project unique was the way we used SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) to convert one of eleven Oracle database schemas that were running on a 12-node Oracle RAC cluster to SQL Server. The […]

Global Retailer Tunes up OLAP Performance Ten-fold
15 Dec 2016

When a company grows, it’s no surprise that their database stored data grows as well. This is the case for all companies, and our customer, a global retailer in the beauty industry, was no exception. While working on this project, we managed to increase the average speed of query execution by 30x, saved up to 190 GB of memory and freed up 28 GB of disk storage space. Prior to these great results, there was a hard optimization process performed […]

DB Best upgrades a leading telecom company’s SQL Server 2000 and 2005 databases
11 Nov 2016

Upgrading SQL Server can be a complicated and nuanced operation, it can’t be simply performed with a few mouse clicks. In many ways, upgrading SQL Servers follows a similar process to more general database migration projects. Because of the similarities, we can apply our 12-step database migration methodology to great effect. From analyzing the existing database architecture to consolidating resources for operational cost reduction, DB Best has the tools and know-how to ensure your SQL Server platforms are up to […]

Faster reporting and flexibility using SSIS and SQL Server
DB Best Case Study: Faster reporting and flexibility using SSIS and SQL Server to offload Excel reports from SSAS cubes
03 Nov 2016

DB Best recently completed a complex development project for one of the largest banks in the Middle East. Faced with non-customizable and slow-to-generate reporting, the customer contacted DB Best to develop a new and improved solution. The customer’s original system was built on two SQL Server Analysis Services systems, each containing large amounts of various aggregated data types with Excel workbooks directly accessing the two SSAS cubes. Not only did this system take a considerable amount of time to generate […]

SSMA for Oracle 7.0 — What’s New — Using In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2016
14 Oct 2016

This continues our video blog series about new features on the new capabilities of SQL Server Migration Assistant 7.0. SQL Server 2016 In-Memory OLTP significantly improves OLTP database application performance and allows running large queries against the same tables using clustered and non-clustered columnstore indexes. This technology was introduced in SQL Server 2014 and now SSMA 7.0 supports migrating Oracle Database In-Memory tables to In-Memory OLTP with SQL Server 2016. Background on SQL Server In-Memory OLTP and Oracle Database In-Memory […]

Database Compare Suite 4.5 Released — Amazon Redshift and SQL Server 2000 support
12 Oct 2016

We are proud to announce the latest version of the Database Compare Suite tool, which now adds support for Amazon Redshift and SQL Server 2000. For customers looking to upgrade their SQL Server 2000 database servers, Database Compare Suite is the only tool on the market that supports comparing database schema and data changes with newer versions of SQL Server. This a great timesaver for your upgrade projects! Eight database dialects are now supported in Database Compare Suite. They include: […]

Optimizing your SQL Server upgrade projects with Database Compare Suite
20 Sep 2016

Often at DB Best as part of our SQL Server 2005 upgrade efforts, a complex upgrade can sometimes take weeks to move into production. During that time, a DBA or application developer may make a change to the older production database without letting the upgrade team know. We like to call this schema or data drift. Originally created for database migration projects, we’ve created Database Compare Suite at DB Best to solve the problem of drift. Database Compare Suite for […]

SSMA for Oracle 7.0 — What’s New — Using Row-Level Security in SQL Server 2016
15 Sep 2016

This continues our video blog series about new features, that are implemented in the new version of SQL Server Migration Assistant 7.0. And now we will talk about some important security issues. Row-Level Security (RLS) enables customers to control access to rows in a database table based on the characteristics of the user executing a query. The feature was introduced in SQL Server 2016. Starting from the 7.0 version the SSMA tool can handle Oracle VPD Policy and DB2 access controls, […]