Blog: IoT transforming your office into a healthy and green workspace

That finally happened. You received the coveted letter of employment and have settled into your dream job. In less than a week, the euphoria fades and you realize that you’re staring at the same monitors day, after day, after day. Your constant back pain, twitching eye, and the spoiled milk in the office kitchen are all reminding you that the honeymoon period is over. However, for many companies things are going to change – employee wellbeing is now a top priority.

Today, more and more businesses are focusing on employee wellbeing. Studies show that employee health, workplace productivity, and employee satisfaction rates all improve with comprehensive wellbeing programs in the workplace and that related costs, such as healthcare payments or absenteeism, are slashed. For many employers, the question becomes not ‘if’ they should institute a wellness program but rather ‘how’ they should institute it. Luckily, we here at DB Best can show you how you can implement major workplace reforms, at little cost to you, thanks to smart ‘Internet of Things (IoT) systems’.

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Automate Your Office

IoT smart devices are quickly, and quietly, changing the office routine. From controlling temperature to creating a carbon-neutral workplace, connected devices are becoming a mainstay in the modern workplace. Investing in IoT and smart applications is a key differentiator between you and your competitors; creating a unique selling point for anyone looking to join a forward-thinking company.

Use IoT to put your employees first

You can use IoT smart solutions to make sure your employees are happy and healthy throughout the day. Smart systems allow your HR team to easily keep an eye on your employees’ hydration level, body position, and temperature. By implementing a proactive approach to hydration and the sedentary lifestyle, employers are able to combat some of the most common diseases that impact offices and stave off illnesses.  With doctors agreeing that ‘sitting is the new smoking,’ IoT observation can unobtrusively recommend your employees maintain regular exercise and stretching to avoid diseases such as Deep Vein Thrombosis.

IoT can put the end to the never-ending argument between employees about shutting vs. opening the office windows. You can leverage the IoT thermostat solution to decide on the most effective workplace temperature and regulate the air conditioning with the click of a button.

Go green

You can go green literally, and utilize the IoT systems for growing plants, or even some veggies and berries for your colleagues to snack on just in the office. Certain plants can grow without soil, as the IoT systems monitor the plants’ condition, watering cycles, auto-refill levels, and pH levels.

Smart systems always know what and when the plant needs, to create conditions for it to grow all by itself. The plants absorb airborne pollutants and emit healthy negative ions and oxygen into the air, making your office more comfortable for everybody.


Save resources

IoT allows you to not only save natural recourses but also save on your budget.

You can leverage smart lighting systems, temperature controllers and water coolers in your smart office. It’s easy to turn off all the lights, water heaters, and air conditioning when no one needs them. Smart solutions save energy when machines are in standby mode, automatically change the brightness of lighting according to the amount of natural light, and prevent leaking taps from drowning you in high water bills.

The smart energy conservation systems allow your company to save money on bills, reduce excessive consumption and also prevent breakages in your office. Instead of helplessly begging people to be conscious about the environment you can create a truly smart solution.

Initiate smart recycling and waste management

What is good for nature is good for people. A proven way to have your cake and eat it too is promoting a smart recycling initiative in your office. Recycling allows you to keep the office clean and healthy, and also making your contribution to a cleaner, greener Earth. IoT makes this process smooth and seamless. For instance, you can utilize a smart system for automatically sorting and compressing the recyclables. In only a few short days, you can create a recycling program that will help turn your office into a fully green ecosystem.

The advent of IoT and smart devices brings the future to the present. Today, offices can quickly and easily implement once-complex solutions to automate the workplace. By allowing automation to take over our more mundane tasks, and inject some Artificial Intelligence into our devices, employers are able to create a happier, healthier office.

Expenditures cut

It’s natural for entrepreneurs to look for profit in their any solution or contract. So will leveraging the IoT technologies to build a healthy workspace in your office pay off? Definitely yes. According to the surveys, toxic and badly equipped workspaces cost business billions of dollars each year.


billion dollars annually entrepreneurs lose because of absenteeism caused by work stress. Add here the loss of productivity and sick leaves you have to pay. Another expenditure pattern is the waste of water, lightning, and heating that amounts up to 19%.

Get rid of those unwanted outgoings and you will find your business much more profitable than you thought it is.

Build a healthy office with DB Best

DB Best has experience building smart IoT systems that empower easy managing office spaces and making them healthy. Besides that, we developed a row of both simple and effective IoT solutions leveraging Amazon Alexa assistant. We added IoT to coffee makers to make it even simpler for you to get your morning coffee cup.  We appreciate creative IoT solutions, especially when they boost our day to day wellbeing, and we’ll be happy to help you build yours. Contact DB Best to build your truly unique IoT solution.

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