Blog: The benefits of hiring a dedicated development team

Building your team can be one of the most stressful elements of any business. The people you hire are the ones who you work with to design, create, and distribute your application to the world. As you begin the lengthy hiring process of developers to build or augment your app, you’re going to be struck by a lightning bolt of realization — “isn’t there a better way to do it?”

Sifting through resumes, portfolios, and GitHub code is a time-consuming process. This can lead to significant delays in development. It’s why we here at DB Best embrace a ‘dedicated development’ model. An easily scalable team of developers, versed in multiple languages and codes, will be available to you to help create or update your application. It doesn’t matter if you have one developer on staff or one hundred; the Dedicated Development Team works in tandem with you to build a superior customer experience without the costly expense of hiring.

Big or Small Team — Anywhere You Need Them

But how does a dedicated development model work? You decide precisely where the team works (in your office or offsite) and choose which developers you need for the job. The benefit of building your dedicated team is that you can filter and approve engineers based on your current project.

Here at DB Best, we’ve built dedicated teams for a wide range of clients, and we’ve zeroed in on some of the most significant benefits for our customers.

DB Best dedicated iOS team

Get the best in the industry without a lengthy recruitment process

The most substantial benefit of employing a dedicated team is that someone has already gone through the time-consuming process of finding, interviewing, and recruiting developers. Here at DB Best, we are always on the look-out for the best developers, engineers, and technical experts from top schools throughout the world. Through our highly sought after internship program, we developed deep links with the leading app development programs across the United States and Europe. This is how we identify some of their most promising students. From there, we augment their education with real-life experience in building apps for our clients. We then sell these mobile apps in app stores across the world.

The hiring process at DB Best

When it comes to selecting your team, it all comes down to what you want. Your Project Manager will meet with you for a series of conversations about your app. We will learn what you want to achieve, which platforms you want to build it on and more. During these meetings, our recruitment department will sit with you and show you the developers, out of our team of hundreds, that we believe will work best on your project based on their experience. From there, you can meet with them and decide which candidates you want to bring on. It’s that simple.

Grow and extend the team in no time

If we’ve learned anything about application development, it’s that no plan ever goes smoothly. Each milestone you pass brings new obstacles and hardships to overcome. For instance, while you may start wanting to develop purely on iOS, you’ll decide that launching on the Google Play store could lead to higher revenue. With our dedicated development model, we can quickly and easily grow your team with no hassle to you or any delay in development.

The team is yours

One of the most underrated elements of a dedicated team is that your engineers are solely assigned to your project. Here at DB Best, we have a completely transparent project management system that our clients and customers love to use. Your Project Manager will liaise with you to discuss the current state of your project. Of course, we will apply any changes you might want to make with your team, and if you want to increase or decrease the development time.

DB Best dedicated Android team

Cost-effective development — DB Best Dedicated Team

There’s a simple truth — remote developers save you money.


percent of your budget you can save today. All you need to do is hire a dedicated developer from DB Best.

Then you can allocate this money to your marketing or other business needs. With our remote team, you leave all the organizational costs such as office space, Internet, snacks, HR for your vendor. You’re also freed from an exhausting taxation procedure.

Team retention is on us

Every business knows how hard it can be to keep top talent. As you build your team, invest in their education and knowledge, other companies are going to notice that and try to snag them. Some businesses have gone bankrupt simply trying to retain the developers and institutional memory within their walls. However, when you partner with a vendor such as DB Best, all of that is taken care of for you. Our HR team makes sure that your dedicated developers are happy with their work and well caffeinated.

Development, maintenance, support of your product

But what happens once your product is launched? When the champagne has been drunk and the balloons have been deflated? What do you do with all of your developers now? Your dedicated development team will get right back to work maintaining and supporting your app. Maintenance can be anything from squashing bugs to making sure that the app works with future operating systems. During this time, your team will constantly improve your product’s design, features, quality, and app architecture. From the smallest of updates to major iterations, your team will be here to help take your customer’s feedback into account and ensure you’ve got the best possible product.

DB Best dedicated web team

Explore the dedicated team approach with DB Best!

DB Best provides clients with full-cycle development services. We start from Business Analysis/ UI/UX and walk you through Development, Deployment, Maintenance, and Support of your solution.

Let’s have a chat, and we’ll start building your dedicated team today!

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