Blog: A Visit to the ‘Other’ Washington

Last week I had a terrific opportunity to give a few SQL Server presentations in the Washington, DC area. I stayed in Reston, Virginia, and spoke at the Microsoft office in Chevy Chase, Maryland. On Tuesday evening I was able to take the metro into DC itself and spend several beautiful hours walking around the National Mall.


I also went inside the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum as I wanted to see the original model of the Starship Enterprise, NCC-1701.

NCC1701 (2)

I gave two two and a half hour Lunch ‘n Learn sessions about Index Structures, talking about disk-based B-trees for clustered and nonclustered indexes, and then compared those structures to columnstore indexes. You can get the slides and demos scripts here.

I gave a shorter session on Query Plan Options to a private user group. The slides and demo scripts are available here.

Some of the demos used the AdventureWorks2014 or AdventureWorksDW2014 sample databases from Microsoft. My demo script files include a link to where those can be downloaded from. Other demos used a sample database called credit, that I helped develop years ago for a Performance Tuning and Optimization class, as part of the Microsoft Official Curriculum. You can download a set of script files to build this database. If your SQL Server is a default instance, all you have to do is run the install.bat file. If you want a backup of the database when you’re done, you’ll need to create a C:backups folder before you start. Here are the scripts.

Thanks to everyone who attended!