Blog: A Look at StretchDB – a New Feature in SQL Server 2016

Being one of the recognized providers of the data management services in the market, DB Best supports its customers in various infrastructure modernization projects of different size and complexity. One of the major workloads in this area is dedicated to upgrades. We are all very excited about SQL Server 2016 release and are looking forward to many Upgrade to SQL Server 2016 engagements in the near future.

In his new article for TechTarget, Rick Heiges, DB Best Principal Solutions Architect, talks about Stretch Database, often called StretchDB, a new feature coming in SQL Server 2016 that allows a database to exist partially on-premises and partially in the cloud as an Azure SQL Database. An enterprise can use StretchDB to augment an on-premises database with a cloud environment, keeping heavily used data in the on-premises instance of SQL Server while StretchDB automatically moves infrequently used data to Azure, where it can be transparently accessed when needed.

StretchDB – a New Feature in SQL Server 2016

You can read the full article here. We hope you enjoy it!